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    My sidecar build

    leading link or rework the triple trees, new trees probably cheaper. While it doesn't "need" it, it sure is nice to have to lighten the steering. I miss my sidecars
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    2018 Himalayan

    2018 Royal Enfield Himalayan 4411 miles OEM tires have ~600 miles on them. Heated grips. OEM touring seat not installed- Seat Concepts seat on OEM seat-pan, handguards, 2" ROX risers, no name aluminum backbone handguards, set of DoubleTake enduro mirrors, 2 oil filters, 14 tooth counter sprocket...
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    Hitchcocks Cam

    How involved is the swap?
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    Hitchcocks Cam

    How does a cam do that? doesn't it open the valves the same amount for same duration throughout the rev range?
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    Windscreen well nuts

    this is not always the case. I cut the bottom of my windshield about 8mm. Not physically possible for it to touch the headlight buckets. I still have a buzzing up there. Even though I've taped the tab inside the light.
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    can't find many Himalayan mirrors... help please!

    Which double take mirrors are you saying are ugly? Lets see your $15 qjiang mirrors
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    Himalayan Valve Adjustment Questions!

    i thought you meant wouldnt move when you grab it by hand. hence my confusion
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    Himalayan Valve Adjustment Questions!

    if neither rocker moves doesnt that mean they are under tension? If they are under tension how will you measure the gap that should be there?
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    Himalayan Running Highway Speeds.

    I did the same, but went 14t countersprocket
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    Raising the Himalayan pilots seat ...

    I know there is a UK seller for these Seat Concepts
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    Front Brake Line

    I'm surprised by this. I have 2" ROX riser and have no issues putting the bars anywhere in the arc.
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    Stock Seat Pan Vs Touring Seat Pan?

    I still miss the Corbin Rambler I had on my Concours. Absolutely fantastic. The Seat Concepts on my Tiger is great, SC on Himalayan is good. Touring seat is tolerable for about an hour. Maybe I should bite the bullet and get the Corbin and have it fitted to me
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    Stock Seat Pan Vs Touring Seat Pan?

    I just looked at my touring seat and stock seat, the bottoms of the pans look identical.
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    Wastonian sidecar

    Small bikes and scooters do fine with small chairs. The lower power bikes benefit from steering changes.
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    Wastonian sidecar

    Do you know about this thread on ADV?
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