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    Las Vegas Nevada Himalayan drivers?

    Alrighty, I often head into the Arts District on Sundays to get coffee at Golden Fog or Makers & Finders (for amazing food & coffee, but generally a sizeable wait for either) So, howabout we plan on a 10am-ish standing invite to Golden Fog on Sunday mornings - unless I hear other suggestions. I...
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    Las Vegas Nevada Himalayan drivers?

    Hi El-Guapo! Welcome to the group! Sorry, I wish I had an answer for you regarding import fees from India. I have ordered items directly at EuroCycle here in Las Vegas or online domestically, but nothing directly from India.
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    Las Vegas Nevada Himalayan drivers?

    Hey there! I was thinking of posting a get together at a coffee shop in the Arts District (as it is fairly central) during a Sunday maybe? My weekend is Monday & Tuesday, but I am still available to meet before 2pm on most Saturdays & Sundays. Cheers, Eric
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    Overland Expo West!

    Howdy all, I'm wondering if anyone is planning on going to the Overland Expo West, in Flagstaff, AZ May 20-22nd? I'm going for the whole event and thought it would be cool to catch up with some of y'all while there- maybe create a REO/Himalayan encampment!
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    Howdy from Las Vegas!

    Hello all, after a few years of procrastination, I finally got a Himalayan (2021) and am excited to do a bit of off-roading with it here in Nevada! Cheers!
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    Las Vegas Nevada Himalayan drivers?

    Howdy, I'm here in Las Vegas, and brand new to the site (and new to Himalayan ownership) Recently picked up a 2021 for the chief purpose of doing the Nevada BDR and other off-road trails locally! I'd be happy to connect with other riders!
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