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    16 Tooth Front Sprocket.

    Wayne, No, INT650.
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    16 Tooth Front Sprocket.

    I'm in the Blue Ridge Mountains and spend most of my time in the twisties in middle gears. The biggest difference for me after doing the swap is I can spend most of my time in 3rd gear, shifting much less. Fuel economy is marginally better also.
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    Int 650 Oil in the USA?

    That's what I use.
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    camping cooking containers

    We have a Food Saver vacuum packing appliance. I freeze steaks and other cuts of meat in the vacuum sealed bags and pack them in a soft lunch pail style cooler I have. I pre wrap spuds in foil to cook in the coals, sometimes a combo of carrots, onion and small spuds wrapped together. Screw cap...
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    New to Royal Enfield.

    Congrats and welcome. RE hit a home run with the 650's, I don't see myself ever getting tired of riding mine.
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    camping dry run

    I decided to get back into moto camping last year and took the backpacker approach to choose the lightest gear I could find. I think the nature of the trip dictates what that limit is. The more miles, the more you're likely to need
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    Learning to Ride at 75

    No shame in taking the MSF course. I rode for 17 years, then had a 27 year break from it. We planned to move to the Blue Ridge Mountains (did 2 years ago) and I knew I wanted to get back into riding. I took the beginner course because I had let the motorcycle endorsement on my license expire...
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    Hello from New England!

    Welcome aboard, where in New England? My roots are there, but migrated south almost 30 years ago.
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    San Antonio Rider. Need Service Manual!!

    Get a friend to download and copy to a thumb drive, take to Staples or Office Depot and have it printed.
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    San Antonio Rider. Need Service Manual!!

    Here you go, you'll need a PDF reader.
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    1985, where were you?

    I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western NC now and the riding here is stupendous.
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    1985, where were you?

    I grew up in Redding and worked anywhere from New Canaan up to Roxbury.
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    1985, where were you?

    Turning 30 and restoring colonial homes in Connecticut, riding my '76 Honda CB400F Super Sport.
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    Dogs and puppies...

    At our peak, we had 8 dogs, all rescues of various mixed breeds. We're down to one now, a dingo/pitty mix named Peach Pit. 9 years old and still in pretty good shape and wicked smart and loving.
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    How accurate is your speedometer?

    Some states are notorious for tagging out of state vehicles. Louisiana has a reputation for it.
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