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    With a very heavy heart, and to be honest a tear , my Himma went to it’s new owner today. I’m off to Stromtrooper, and V-Strom Owners Club websites ... Take care all of you. in fact don’t, have adventures, get hurt, get better and just ride ! ...thanks for all the good info and help .. David
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    Bought this to-day ....

    Home ... The ride back across the Peak District was a blast after 4 years of sedate but wonderful Himma riding. The roll on from 80mph is stunning. Alledgley !
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    Bought this to-day ....

    I’m allowed to keep the Himma SWMBO says .... as long as she can have a car for the same value as the Stromtrooper ... Deal !!!
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    Bought this to-day ....

    Bought this to-day ..... don’t shout at me ....
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    Hitchcock’s Carb conversion

    Hitchcock’s Carb conversion .. has anyone fitted the conversion kit and how easy was it ... and the results ..
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    NGK spark plug

    my bike went from cutting out on the OEM plug to not cutting out on the iridium plug .....
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    On the Shankill Road in Belfast tonight ... Protestant Heartland Ulster.
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    How to use the center-stand.

    If you can't use the centre stand ..... then please drive a car .... leave motorcycling to people that can do stuff and know stuff ..... please .. :)
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    Himalayan service indicator, the flashing spanner

    Wrong !! Just tried it .... its the SEL switch ..... and it works ... cleared satis .....
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    Himalayan excessive tappet noise

    Dead right .... always make the tool fit the situation ...
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    Himalayan excessive tappet noise

    ok New Mexican then ... chill dude ....😃
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    Himalayan excessive tappet noise

    OK !! Can Someone Post A Link To The Definitive, Accurate, Actually Works “YOUTUBE" Link / Video For Adjusting The Tappets .. In Recognisable English .. Please .. !!!
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    Himalayan excessive tappet noise

    By their nature of operation tappets rattle ... if their mechanical like the ones on the Himma .... hydraulic tappets ...... different creature .... quiet ...
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