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    Stock Seat Pan Vs Touring Seat Pan?

    Does anyone know if the RE "touring" seat uses the same seat pan as the stock seat? I am *not* asking about the seat padding and contour, I know these are different. TBH I don't think that RE would use a separate seat pan for each seat. Background: Back in February I sent my stock seat to Seat...
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    Cheap Fender Risers

    While it's now climatological Spring here, today's high of 28F was just too cool for me to put on some break-in miles on my Himalayan (yes I'm a wimp). Instead I decided to farkle. I've seen where some folks have added fender risers/spaces to get a bit more space between the tire and fender...
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    Another Himalayan noob

    Greetings from WI. I very recently purchased a close-out 2019 Himalayan. Unfortunately we still have too much snow and salted roads to get out and enjoy it. It will join 4 other bikes in the garage.
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