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    2018 Himalayan

    2018 Royal Enfield Himalayan 4411 miles OEM tires have ~600 miles on them. Heated grips. OEM touring seat not installed- Seat Concepts seat on OEM seat-pan, handguards, 2" ROX risers, no name aluminum backbone handguards, set of DoubleTake enduro mirrors, 2 oil filters, 14 tooth counter sprocket...
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    Lost gear indicator

    This weekend I put changed my electrical mess a little. I had Oxford grips running to battery, gps to a switched power, (tail light I think). I put them all on the tailight power, which activates a relay to run 3 separate fused circuits. I added a USB/volt meter. Test rode it Saturday, and it...
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    RE Touring seat

    RE rider touring seat. Decided it wasnt for me. a but taller than the standard one. Rode it for about an hour. this is it: seat seat only, $50 shipped CONUS
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    Evap System removal

    EDIT: KennyBooBear (with assistance of ScottFree on ADV) has identified a flaw with the following. Corrections in red below Removed the evap system. Frees up a couple pounds. I didnt take any pictures, but here's the steps. I pulled the evap system today. 1- Unplug and remove O2 sensor from...
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