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  1. Alanrco

    Small Hands

    Anyone recommend clutch/brake levers with a shorter reach? Also, I fitted the low rider saddle and Hagon rear shocks, all in all reduced the bike seat height by 26mm. Downside to this is that the levers cannot be rotated up slightly to compensate for this. Some notch prevent this from being...
  2. Alanrco

    Is the Meteor economical?

    I can compare costs with my other bike - a Honda Rebel. Riders who may be economically stretched would obviously be drawn to the very low price of the Meteor. However I will list here my thoughts and considering that they have no experience for mechanically caring for there bike and in the UK...
  3. Alanrco

    Tyre Pressures

    Just wonder if riding two up is safe? Tyre pressures stated in the manual are 32F/32R PSI Solo and 32F/36R for two up. Tyres supplied with my bike give maximum pressures as 33PSI cold. Any tboughts, people?
  4. Alanrco

    Oil Leak

    My new Meteor Fireball had its first service last Friday (10th Sept). 100 mile round trip to the dealer. Time I got home there was 400miles on the clock.. Did a 50 mile trip yesterday (15th). Noticed today (16th) a small oil patch on my garage floor. On inspection, the drain plug had a drop of...
  5. Alanrco

    Hi People! 1st RE owner and...

    I'm 74. I'm a bit slow for new experiences :D:D:D! Got a Meteor. It's just right. Too old for big bikes now. One problem, I have a Samsung Galaxy phone. Won't let me download the Tripper app. Says it's not compatible with this common modern phone! Just have to use Google maps. Anyone want the...
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