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  1. madbiker

    Weird Starting Issue

    I am posting this in case anyone else gets this weird starting issue it might help them diagnose the problem. So I have had this bike for over two years and in over 30,000 miles of use I have never had any issues with starting it. About two months ago I parked it and everything was OK. Two...
  2. madbiker

    Rear Brake Caliper Removal

    I have had to remove the rear caliper to clean the piston. I looked at a few videos of how others have done this. Personally I don't like removing the rear wheel spindle if I don't have to as it is a real pain to get the caliper mounting plate seated in it's slot in the swinging arm without the...
  3. madbiker

    Himalayan Engine Strip Down and Rebuild

    Part One As i mentioned in my 1st of January post on my RTW Trip thread in Ride Reports I had an engine seizure that caused considerable damage to the engine. As I was visiting a friend who lives in a very rural area of Northern Spain and who, not being mechanically minded, i had little in the...
  4. madbiker

    Throttle Cable Question

    Hi Guys just had the throttle cable snap on my Himalayan. I was out for a quick ride without my spare but after a quick bodge with the broken one, some tape and a small jubilee clip I got back home. However, the spare cable which i obtained from a UK RE Dealer is slightly different than the...
  5. madbiker

    Broken Sidelight lens

    Just noticed that the plastic lens/cover has fractured and is now rattling about inside the headlight. I can only presume that the pounding the bike had taken on the rough roads and off road trails that it has been ridden on has caused this. As it does not seem to affect the operation of the...
  6. madbiker

    Older and Unusual Bikes Found While Travelling

    Whist travelling I have seen many older model bikes that I remember from my youth together with some that I had never seen before. I like to photograph them when I can. Here are a few of them. Every one of these bikes were parked out on the street so I presume that they were used as daily...
  7. madbiker

    Himalayan Review at 19,000 miles

    I bought the bike 18 months old with 2,500 miles on the clock. It is a 2018 UK BS4 spec bike. I change the oil every 3,000 and the oil filter every 6,000. I tend to use 20W50 oil as I can never find the recommended 15W50. Air filter has been cleaned with a high pressure air hose once, at...
  8. madbiker

    Sidestand Modification

    I have just had a metal plate welded on to the foot of my sidestand to improve stability in soft or uneven ground. It cost me a couple of beers for the guy who did it, much cheaper that the bolt on alternatives that I have seen elsewhere. I will update this post on whether or not this...
  9. madbiker

    Another Himalayan Rider on You Tube

    I found a You Tube channel from an Indian guy who is in to riding Enfields. In particular I liked his videos about him on the Himalayan. Thought I would post details for those who did not know about it.
  10. madbiker

    RTW Trip on a Himalayan

    Hello Folks. I have posted an introduction and it was recommended to me that I should start a thread here about my trip. I actually started my trip about two years ago but at that time I decided that as I did not yet have the correct bike to do an RTW trip on and that I needed to learn how to...
  11. madbiker

    My Rear Suspension Issue

    Just a word of warning about potential lack of grease in the rear suspension on these bikes. I have recently purchased a BS4 2108 UK model bike that had only 2300 miles on the clock when I bought it on 1 August this year. I have now done an additional 2700 miles. At around 3000 miles I decided...
  12. madbiker

    New member from Scotland - Doing an RTW trip on a Himalayan

    Hi Folks. Just bought a 1 year old (2018) UK Spec BS4 Himalayan on which I will be doing a Round The World trip on. I have been riding bikes for 40 years and I do all my own maintenance and servicing. I will not be following the recommended servicing schedules, especially pertaining to...
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