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  1. Napom

    What have you done to your Himalayan today (or yesterday, or this week ...)

    Fitted an EP-29 LED flasher, Now my LED turnsignals flash normal!
  2. Napom

    Hello from New England!

    Dude - You got talent! You ever do custom work?
  3. Napom

    Rocker Red GT, now with belly pan.

    I love what you are doing with your machine - Making it uniquely yours - Well Done!
  4. Napom

    Arrived at dealer on one bike, left on another

    SO from the looks of your garage - you now have at least 4 bikes in your stable - Nice!
  5. Napom


    Welcome - Nice looking machine!
  6. Napom

    Riding Boots

    I have wide feet that have been described as Fred Flintstone feet. They are EEEE's. My actual size is 9 1/2 EEEE. I bought the Formas as they are advertised as WIDE. I bought Euro 45's which I believe translate to a US 11. They are perfect!
  7. Napom

    Hello from New England!

    Great looking machine! Love the dual color saddlebags!
  8. Napom

    Hello from New England!

    What he said! lol Grew up in Connecticut, college in Vermont and last lived in Mass (went from Lexington, to Waltham, to Burlington). Welcome to the Forum - Nice looking ride (what I see of it!)
  9. Napom

    Hello from IL, owner of a new 21 Himalayan.

    Welcome to the show! Seat improvements are personal choices. I started with an Alaskan Leather's sheepskin seat cover and it alone was a big improvement for me. Then I got the RE touring saddle and the two of them together are perfect for a long day in the saddle. Good luck!
  10. Napom

    Northeastern Pa. / New member

    Welcome to the madness!
  11. Napom

    Found some really nice decals

    Big Fan of Maya Stickers! Got some for Jipci - Shipping took a while, but they are quality products! Put one on the windscreen, one on the front fender and one on the Tank - I Love the RE compass rose!
  12. Napom

    dedicated GPS vs phone

    I have used a motorcycle specific GPS for years and find that they are (IMHO) leaps and bounds better than just the phone. 1st they are "sun light readable". Now if the sun is hitting directly on the screen, good luck with that - but it is better than the phone in bright sunlight. 2nd importing...
  13. Napom

    What have you done to your Himalayan today (or yesterday, or this week ...)

    Jipci took a hard drop last weekend - The OEM hand guard did their job and protected the lever and bars. It did get a small crack which I guess I could put sticker over, but I ordered a new set. I had the JFG ones from amazon and didn't like a couple of things about them. 1) The two point...
  14. Napom

    What have you done to your Himalayan today (or yesterday, or this week ...)

    I have the AntiGravity battery as well - But haven't installed it yet. With the "Restart" technology, I wouldn't think the battery drain harness would be necessary as it is sort of built in to the battery.
  15. Napom

    Royal Enfield Owner - AGAIN

    Welcome Back! You will love the Himmie!
  16. Napom

    1985, where were you?

    I grew up (physically - mentally I am still very immature) in Litchfield - Love riding up through New Canaan!
  17. Napom

    1985, where were you?

    Where in Connecticut were you restoring these homes? Plenty of colonial homes in my hometown, and George Washington allegedly slept in half of them :LOL::geek:
  18. Napom

    1985, where were you?

    The Private ones like Norwich, VMI, and the Citadel, give you the Military College experience without requiring military service afterwards. Those of us who attended them lovingly refer to them as "Pay for Pain" schools as we got all the pain, and likely had to pay for it (I did for my first...
  19. Napom

    Riding Boots

    Note to self - wear the damn riding boots when ever I'm riding Jipci - Took a little tumble on her last weekend and my left shin hit the newly mounted light that is mounted to the engine guard - looks like I got hit with a baseball bat now. Had I been wearing the Formas, the protection of the...
  20. Napom

    1985, where were you?

    I finished my freshman year as a Rook at Norwich University, The Military College of Vermont, walked my first beat as a cop that summer and was offered a follow-on part time job with the department, but found out I got a scholarship from the USAF so I could go back and finish my college...
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