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  1. Landsurfer74

    Tire life span

    11,000 miles of tarmac and the OEM rear is just about legal .. ish ... Got a Pirelli Scorpion to go on when i’ll change the original chain and sprockets as well.
  2. Landsurfer74

    windshield extender

    Much better to go the other way ..... Hitchcock’s small screen, no buffet, no wobbling lexan screen, no noise ..... much easier...
  3. Landsurfer74

    ABS .... why ?

    As shown in the excellent graphic above i definitly have ABS .... and its never triggered ... i think i’ll go with the “smooth rider” approach rather than the "failed ABS" approach. 😀
  4. Landsurfer74

    ABS .... why ?

    ok confused here .... my Himalayan only has ABS on the front wheel ...... so why stomp on the rear ?? Right side failure ... failure of the component does not make the use of the vehicle dangerous ... Abs is a nice to have, not a safety critical system, i.e the brakes still work without it.
  5. Landsurfer74

    ABS .... why ?

    All good advice .... so possibility of a right side failure ..... how do i test it actually works without risk ? Maybe i’ve never felt because it’s inoperative ?
  6. Landsurfer74

    ABS .... why ?

    so 4 years of ownership and 12000 miles of riding ... How do i know if the ABS has actually ever worked ? If i remove the undamped mass off the front and disconnect the cable will i get an ABS light on ????
  7. Landsurfer74

    Clock Condensation

    LOL .... engine temp ...
  8. Landsurfer74

    Tick over on a Himi?

    Makes a change from stripping the red dye out of diesel at your nearest border farm !! Idle speed ... sounds like the fast idle is stuck on ... mine had that problem early days ... my cable was sticking in the outer ... sorted it and never use the fast idle .. ever warm of freezing it does not...
  9. Landsurfer74

    Hitchcocks taller windshield for the Himalayan

    As previously stated ... Get Hitchcock’s small screen ... noise free, aerodynamic buffet free ..... or .. as I did for 6 months ...... just take the screen off and enjoy buffetnless riding for free ....
  10. Landsurfer74

    Clock Condensation

    So you’ve seen my posts ... replacement clocks from my dealer, free, but not fitted during winter, all my drying out processes .... and this morning .. without warning ... The LCD screen started working again !!!!! not 100% ... but its working ....... And look at the milage ... :-)
  11. Landsurfer74

    Himalayan Valve Adjustment Questions!

    Just relax and take it for a long ride ... noisy tappets are happy tappets and to be honest they will start to close up almost immediately .... Its not a Honda, it’s a Thumper Single ....
  12. Landsurfer74

    new way of getting Himalayan off center stand.

    When I stop the bike i put the side stand down and step off .. then rock it onto the centre stand, and fold up the side stand, ... time to move... stand on pegs, sit and rock forward off the centre stand and start engine .....
  13. Landsurfer74

    My first brush with the Scram

    I’m just looking forward to buying the headlamp / instrument bits as a conversion kit for my Himma ...:)
  14. Landsurfer74

    Clock Condensation

    10,000+ miles so no warranty, but my dealer gave me a new set of clocks they had acquired from RE free of charge ... top chaps ...
  15. Landsurfer74

    Clock Condensation

    I think the issue, including my issues around condensation in the instruments is new, sort of ... When clocks, speedo and rev counter where mechanical a bit of condensation mostly went un noticed but now .. The condensation wipes out the lcd screens, especially on the Himma ... I can live...
  16. Landsurfer74

    Himalayan - Chain Sprocket set & Cush Drive?

    I’ve just hit 10,000 miles with my OEM chain and sprockets .... and the chain and sprockets seem fine ..... Always lubed with Motul chain lube before most rides. Is this usual .. or unusual ....
  17. Landsurfer74

    6000-mile service due - replacing parts?

    As posted elsewhere .... my dealers found me a new set of clocks, free of charge, reprogrammed the milage to 0 .... I seem to have the best RE dealer in the UK ... Manhattan Motorcycles of Sheffield. Doesn’t matter how far you are away from Sheffield buy a bike off them and enjoy the ride in...
  18. Landsurfer74

    Misting in Speedometer and RevCounter.

    Everything has been tried .... 70’s and 80’s clocks dont mist up why should these .... please lets go back to mechanical clocks
  19. Landsurfer74

    Considering buying a Himalayan, thoughts appreciated

    Respect ... i’ve just hit 11000 miles ...At what milage did you change the chain and sprockets ..?
  20. Landsurfer74

    Considering buying a Himalayan, thoughts appreciated

    A back catalogue of high and low speed 2 strokes, big 4 strokes and 170 mph Kawasaki and Suzuki space ships. Love my Himma .... but In 3 years and 10,000 miles i’ve had to pay for new head set bearings and an engine temp sensor, tyres are just barely legal , which is good, and the chain and...
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