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  1. pineygroveshop

    Clutch Life

    I've a 2020 with 42k miles. I decided to replace the clutch springs and plates. The metal plates showed some random discoloration. The friction plates still looked good - I did not measure their thickness. I had the parts; so replaced the lot though I think they could easily have gone...
  2. pineygroveshop

    Damper Rod Tool

    Has anyone made a fork damper rod tool to hold the damper while removing the bolt from the bottom of the fork?
  3. pineygroveshop

    Clutch Cable

    Proactively, I replaced the clutch cable at 35k miles. The replacement lasted 3200 miles. Easily replaced with the OEM took kit. Highly recommended that you carry one with you.
  4. pineygroveshop


    Given that the OEM cam has a decompression arm, can a compression test be done?
  5. pineygroveshop

    OEM Engine Bars & Skid Plate

    Hello, I'm selling the OEM skid plate for $40 and a set of OEM engine bars for $50. Both items are used and show it; however, they are perfectly functional. Price includes UPS ground shipping to the continental US. Cheers, Stephen
  6. pineygroveshop

    Aux Light Mount

    Greetings, Has anyone mounted lights to the top bars? If so, how did you do it? Pics would be swell. So you know, the top bars are on either side of the tank. Cheers, Stephen
  7. pineygroveshop

    Engine Bars

    Hi Y'all, Has anyone engine bars, that are close fitting, yet do not create oil change clearance issue?: Cheers, Stephen
  8. pineygroveshop

    Himalayan Bearings

    Hey y'all, Is there one thread for Himalayan bearings? I want to know part numbers and sources for headstock, front & rear wheel bearings and the seals for all. I'm in the USA. Cheers, Stephen
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