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  1. tom_himalayan

    New Himalayan - preventative maintenance ideas?

    I have a new RE Himalayan Euro 5. Only 70 miles from the showroom thus far and will be looking to rack up some miles on her this summer. She is fairly immaculate right now, and I am wondering what preventative maintenance/adjustments I should make now to prevent common faults in the future. Any...
  2. tom_himalayan

    Himalayan LED aux lights mounting

    Hi folks, I am busy getting my Himalayan ready for touring, and keen to mount some LED lights on her. Many of the solutions I see are a little cumbersome, but I really like this option which is mounted to the existing fork mounting bolts. It looks neat and is also well clear of anything that...
  3. tom_himalayan

    Hello from south west UK

    Good morning and welcome from south west UK! I took receipt of a RE Himalayan BS6 last July. Last year was busy for me so still only 100 miles on her at the moment. I will get the 300 miles service interval on her in early spring and then after first service planning some touring & camping trips...
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