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  1. Landsurfer74

    ABS .... why ?

    so 4 years of ownership and 12000 miles of riding ... How do i know if the ABS has actually ever worked ? If i remove the undamped mass off the front and disconnect the cable will i get an ABS light on ????
  2. Landsurfer74

    MZ TS 125 /150 SPARES...

    I’m restoring yet another MZ TS 150 back on to the road, for myself this time .. There are 6 MZ TS 125 / 150’s wandering around the country from the wrecks i have restored and sold on for the cost of getting them back on the road. Oily Rag restorations each one ... rough and tatty to the eye but...
  3. Landsurfer74

    Benelli ....?

    Saw one of these at Squires Cafe at Sherburn Tin Helmet yesterday, Thursday, .... It has RE written all over it .. ... ???? £3699 on the road ..!!!! Any thoughts chaps ??
  4. Landsurfer74

    Another tough day at the office .....

    Another tough day at the office .... M18 / A1M to Ferrybridge and from there ..... ?? There is a road that runs from Ferrybridge to RAF Dishforth ... a B road, sometimes a small "A” road, sometimes a big "A" road. But a lovely road, low on traffic big on “nice”. The maps don't show it well as it...
  5. Landsurfer74

    Hitchcocks Rack

    Ordered the new rack on Thursday arrived on Friday ... excellent. Work paid for the rack as I often collect small boxes of components on the way in ... result ! New rack installed ...
  6. Landsurfer74


    Krown headlamp and instrument brackets with GPS / Phone holder for sale. Reluctantly moving away from the Himma as i need a bigger bike as the kids get bigger. Africa Twin time .. Offers about £90 and post and packing £15 anywhere ... apart from Kabul .... all installation fasteners included.
  7. Landsurfer74

    Number plate light not working.

    mmm ... so no wires broken, power to the light .. but no light .... I thought LED lights did not blow ?
  8. Landsurfer74

    Rotherham to Belfast ... actually Greyabbey but no one’s heard of that ....

    Off to Belfast ..... Sunday morning 5am, bike packed up the night before, set off along the M18 / A1 north bound. Warm, but cool air full of moisture and the smells of early morning, sat around 65 mph ... no rush, 15.30hrs ferry from Cairnryan, breakfast planned for the Rooster in Penrith...
  9. Landsurfer74

    Cable Guide Breakage ....

    Anyone else ....? I’m not replacing it as it frankly does nothing ....
  10. Landsurfer74


    Back here again ... txt of an email isn’t to Hitchcock's this evening .. So yet again after a long ride in the rain .. Sheffield to Bristol .. and back .. I have my engine management light on ... Early Himalayan’s had a carburettor rather than FI. Converting my Himma, BS4, to carb would be...
  11. Landsurfer74

    Fancy a new bike anyone ?/

    My local dealers today .... Himma’s and 650’s ....
  12. Landsurfer74

    Himalayan Engine Management Light on.

    Yesterday i rode the Himma from home in Sheffield to Bristol ... in torrential rain !! Soaked .... And this morning i rode back from Bristol to Sheffield ... dry and sunny. 340 Miles. The last 70 miles the engine management light came on, no effect in performance at all. Any ideas folks ....
  13. Landsurfer74

    Cam Chain Adjustment

    Anybody have any thoughts on cam chain tension adjustment ?
  14. Landsurfer74

    Side stand switch bypass

    I’m sure this has been dealt with in lots of other posts ... but the search on this format of forum is ... not good ... So .. How do i bypass / electrically remove the side stand switch on this model ... twist the wires together or separate the wires ?
  15. Landsurfer74

    Classic bike restoration

  16. Landsurfer74

    Raising the Himalayan pilots seat ...

    Read lots about propriety seats that raise the pilots position. I have a cutdown swimming float fitted to mine ... Its really comfortable but hardly a “fix”. Has anyone done the engineering to actually raise the standard seat, changes to mounts etc Please get in touch before i start to...
  17. Landsurfer74

    Bark Busters Storm hand guards and all alloy fittings for Himalayan

    As per the pic, few scratches as per pic ... £30 inc UK postage ... all alloy fittings included ....
  18. Landsurfer74

    Full size screen for sale

    Standard height screen in excellent condition ...£30 Free postage UK only
  19. Landsurfer74

    STL File to print replacement swinging arm blanking caps ?

    Any one got one ... or can produce one in Solidworks ... I'll send a free pair of end caps to anyone that can produce the STL file ... if not can you do a drawing in Solidworks, my grandson can convert it to a STL / CURA file for printing ... He's using a Ultimaker 2 + and has a XYZ available as...
  20. Landsurfer74

    Are the 500 Bullets being removed from the range....

    Seems to be only 350 possibly 400 Bullets in the range ... or am i missing something...
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