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  1. OldGuy

    Rear Rack

    So, after exploring the (few) aftermarket rear racks and looking at various options, I want to see if there is any interest in a rack that I'm envisioning. The goal would be to come up with one made here in the US (in deference to Hitchcock's shipping rates), is stout enough to handle a...
  2. OldGuy

    Dogs and puppies...

    We have a Chocolate Lab, Smokey Peat (as in whisky). We adore him, but it just seems he needs a playmate. So we're getting another one. We get to go see/meet him next weekend - Woo-hoo! - but he won't come home for a few more weeks. He was whelped 5 weeks ago, so 3 more weeks. We've decided to...
  3. OldGuy

    New Himalayan FAQ Thread

    After a lot of frustration, I created a pdf of the most relevant posts from the Himalayn FAQ thread. I post it here in the hope that people will find it useful. Please feel free to use this in any way you see fit. I am certainly open to adding and amending to this file. Simply post here or PM...
  4. OldGuy


    I think our forum should start to introduce some stricter security measures to block the trolls that seem to be popping up more often. Just sayin'.... OG
  5. OldGuy

    My last bike

    Before I bought the Himmie last year, this was the last bike I rode. A Honda Hawk GT 650, bored to 750cc, mechanical fuel injection, 12:1 Arias pistons and cams from a Daytona racer named Keyo Wantanabe. It was a hell of a lot of fun to ride. The acceleration for the first 3/4 mile (up to 150mph...
  6. OldGuy

    40 Tooth Sprocket group buy

    Hi all. Any interest in a group buy on a 40 tooth rear sprocket? Quantity 1-4 is $74.99ea. plus $11.00 shipping (within US). If we order 5 or more at the same time, the price drops to $62.99 plus shipping, which beats Hitchcocks price by a bunch. They will be custom made by a well-known US...
  7. OldGuy

    Redverz Tents

    I know they're a little pricey, but they look cool as hell. Anyone have anything good or bad to say about them? Uncle Voodoo on YouTube loves his...
  8. OldGuy

    Service questions

    So, I did my 300 mile service yesterday and only had a couple of head-scratchers from the check list. First, does anyone know what they want in terms of lubricating the swingarm pivot? Didn't find any sort of grease fitting or oiling point. And second, where the H*** is the "Internal Fuel...
  9. OldGuy

    Testing the ABS

    Since we're having our first warm weather this week up here in the NW, I decided to do my commute on the Himmy yesterday (~80 miles round trip). Less than 1/2 mile from my driveway, a dual-box gravel truck decided to make me test the ABS. It works, thank god! Got a pretty good stoppy out it too...
  10. OldGuy

    FS NelsonRigg tank bag & windscreen

    SOLD! 1. Nelson Rigg Trails End tank bag (RG1045) - brand new, perfect condition, never mounted or used. It just turned out to be a little too small for my needs. $60 including USPS Economy shipping in continental US or can meet in Seattle, WA area. Will ship elsewhere for actual shipping cost...
  11. OldGuy

    Hitchcocks Himma Windscreen

    I just received & installed the taller windscreen from Hitchcocks. Fits great and obviously very easy to install. But the great thing is that I ordered it late Sunday night (Jan. 27) and it arrived today. Many US suppliers can't do that, so I'm impressed. Oldguy Bill
  12. OldGuy

    Happy Holidays!

    Hey all, Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. We can say a prayer for those who have lost their lives and loved ones to the pandemic, and live in hope that we can put this terrible chapter behind us soon. Best wishes to everyone and here's...
  13. OldGuy

    Kickstand spring

    Any tricks to removing/replacing the kickstand spring? Tnx!
  14. OldGuy

    Finally! A Ride - Any ride!

    I picked up my Himmi a little over a week ago, but since my wife had to work most of that week, I had to trailer it home. Got it into the garage, and then the rain (lots of rain!) started. Being the old fart that I am, I sat it out. I got to ride up and down my driveway (1/4 mile) a few times...
  15. OldGuy

    Western Washington

    Since NW Moto/Triumph of Seattle seems to be selling a fair number of RE's in this neck of the woods, I thought a section for Western WA would be in order. So if you're on the forum yet, give a shout-out if you're anywhere between Olympia and Bellingham. OldGuy Bill
  16. OldGuy

    New member, OldGuy, still waiting.....

    Hi all, New here, but been in, on and around bikes for many millenia. Put my deposit on a 2121 Himi in May, about a week after the dealer sold his last 2020.... did the pre-order on Sept.1... still waiting.......... //snore// It'll probably get here about the time the rain sets in around here...
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