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    Shinko 705 Tires.

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    Himalayan Camping

    All great contributions so far! thanks for the info and recommendations!
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    Himalayan Camping

    Hi All, I've read some great info on this forum so far! I look forward to contributing as I develop as a rider (always ridden road) and get more adventurous. I've commenced planning for a bike camping trip, that I will be taking after winter (Australian winter). A shorter trip initially...
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    Checking suspension sag and preload settings.

    Great write up Kiwi! The stock unit is sloppy in my opinion and can tend to be vague on the road, a bit of preload is probably just the ticket for it =)
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    Does your Himalayan have a name?

    The Tractor.
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    Whats your to cruising speed.

    Riding Full tuck before lunch I can hit 128kph...on a closed circuit of course =P
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