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    Budget waterproof bag for tank side rack?

    I too am looking at a couple of inexpensive bags to hold inner tubes, tire iron and compressor. Or one inner tube and a can of chain lube.
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    Seat Concepts tall seat

    I just added the tall Seat Concepts seat today and I like it a lot! Much more comfortable for me being 6'2" with a 32 inch inseam. I can still flat foot with the taller seat. It is wider too so less pressure points. I can move around with ease where before I felt locked in with the stock...
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    What handguards are y'all using?

    So are some of you just putting on plastic hand guards for wind protection or do all of these come with an aluminum bar that actually protect the brake and clutch levers? I want ones that will protect the levers and would appreciate knowing which ones fit the Himalayan best at the best price...
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    Odd Noise

    I had a similar noise one time only, with less than 200 miles on the bike.
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    How many are following Itchy Boots

    Thanks! I will check it out!
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    How are you setting up your Himalayan

    I added the Seat Concepts seat to my bike today and it made a real difference. I don't feel like I am stuck in one position. I can move forward and backwards with ease. It's wider too! I'm 6'2" with a 32 inch inseam and can still flat foot.
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    How many are following Itchy Boots

    I try to ignore that and the nose thing.
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    How many are following Itchy Boots

    I have to admit after discovering the Himalayan and wanting to learn more about it by watching You Tube videos that once I found Itchy Boots channel I got hooked! She does a great job with her videos, not too long, good quality and they hold my interest. Seeing parts of the world I would not...
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    Break in for the Himalayan

    I am trying to stay under 4000 RPM which is about 50 MPH and vary the RPMs for the first 310 miles. It's hard to ride that slow, I am always looking in my rear view mirrors!
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    Unwanted Rear Passenger Seat?

    Cool idea!
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    How are you setting up your Himalayan

    What I like about the Himalayan is the fact that the bike comes with a lot of standard equipment that most other bikes would need added like: luggage rack, center stand, skid plate, windshield etc. I know this is a personal thing but I was wondering what everyone thinks are the basic mods that...
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    Deciding between 2018 and 2020

    Pirate has a good point about a bike sitting for that long. But if it's new with a full warranty then the dealer can fix any problems it might have.
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    Pannier rack installation - Bad fit?

    I saw on You Tube that the RE racks do not line up properly and it took some effort to mount them. I think either one of your ideas will work fine.
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    Aftermarket Rims

    Some folks feel that the ideal weight of an "Adventure" bike would be under 400lbs. Replacing steel wheels with aluminum would help as well as a lighter muffler maybe to achieve that goal.
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    Let's talk stalling...

    No pressure from the tank. Original spark plug. I think the bike still has the original gas in the tank from the date of sale 7/2019. So I added a gallon and a half of fresh gas. I took a 50 mile ride and no stalling issues at all. It ran like a top. Since I am trying to break it in the...
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    Let's talk stalling...

    Thanks, I will follow your suggestions!
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    Painted my front fender

    I wanted to see what it would look like if I painted my front lower fender, so I bought some gray primer that says it was good on plastic but it scratches really easily. Anybody else paint their fenders?
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    Let's talk stalling...

    My bike has 65 miles on it, it stalled soon after I started riding while I was stopped at the first stop sign. Started right up. Later is stalled while shifting down from 3rd to 2nd or 2nd to 1st 2 different times in my neighborhood on my way home.
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    Let's talk stalling...

    Where is the hose so I can go see if it's kinked? Thanks!
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    Aftermarket Rims

    Aluminum rims should reduce the weight of the bike, I wonder how much weight savings there would be?
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