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    Anyone Tried Hagon Shocks from Hitchcock's?

    How is the bike on turn-in now? Lowering the rear would increase its trail, which should make the bike a bit slower to turn-in.
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    I got a flyscreen from Hitchcock's. It went on fine. It takes a little air off your chest up to 40-50 mph. After that though, you notice the wind. I got the flyscreen to protect my speedo and Tripper. Plus, it looks BADASS on my Fireball Yellow! The screen really goes with the matte black on...
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    Meteor exhaust mods?

    I know that Red Rooster exhausts are popular in India. Hitchcock's in the UK carries aftermarket exhausts too.
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    Which Brand of 15W-50 Does Your Meteor Drink?

    I use Silkolene 15W50. I ordered it from Hitchcock's Motorcycles in the UK.
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    Meteor 350 Service Manual PDF Available!

    You're welcome! Soon as I saw it in January, I grabbed it right away because I was worried it wouldn't be up long. The thing is that I was more than willing to buy a copy of the manual-even if it cost $100 or more. Unfortunately, Royal Enfield won't even make the manual available, let alone sell...
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    DNA Filter and Airbox Cover

    Guys, I returned my bike to stock configuration. Why? One, I was getting a lot more secondary vibrations, the high frequency ones that make your hands tingle. My hands were put to sleep! Two, the fuel and power delivery weren't as smooth; in fact, it was snatchy and jerky with the DNA filter...
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    Which Brand of 15W-50 ?

    Guys, Hitchcock's Motorcycles in the UK sells Silkolene 15W50 full synthetic. Stuart Fillingham, a YouTuber and RE owner, uses it. I ordered it from Hithcock's and it's worked well in my bike so far.
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    The Flashing Wrench (Service Reminder) - How To Reset Video

    Guys, if you go to YouTube and look up Economical Rides' channel, he has a good video on how to clear the service reminder (i.e. the flashing wrench symbol). Actually, I just found the link; go here:
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    Meteor 350 tappet tool

    You could skip the tool, just so long as both valves are closed. The hole for the tool is at TDC of the compression stroke (i.e. when both valves are closed), so you could do the service without it. I preferred using the tool though, so as to prevent accidental movement of the engine and valves.
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    First Service 2021Meteor 350

    If you want a clearer, easier to understand video about how to turn off the service reminder, go to YouTube, find Economical Rides' channel, and look for his video on the topic. Trust me, it's a lot easier to understand than this Indian video! Actually, I found the link to ER's video on clearing...
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    Rear Luggage Carrier Rack

    I ordered my luggage rack from Hitchcock's Motorcycles in the UK. They offer two racks: one by Givi, and one of their own. I got the Hitchcock's rack, and I like it very much. I think it'll work, since the rack attaches underneath the grab rails, so it should work with the backrest too. You can...
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    DNA Filter and Airbox Cover

    I ordered direct from DNA Filters' website; they ship worldwide. I don't see why you couldn't get them in India. I've ordered Royal Enfield parts from India, and they got here to the US just fine.
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    Any Brazilian Meteor owners here?

    I'll do what I can. They have a YouTube channel that's quite good; you'll learn a lot about bikes in general, not just REs.
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    Any Brazilian Meteor owners here?

    TecBikes is working on a limter delete.
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    DNA Filter and Airbox Cover

    The fact that the bike runs out of steam is more likely due to the fact that it has two valves, plus it's a long stroke engine. In any case, the Meteor goes as fast as I care to go on two wheels these days! I just turned 60, and my zest for risk isn't the same as it once was. I also like the...
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    Tyre Pressures

    Thank you!
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    Meteor 350 Service Manual PDF Available!

    My computer didn't flag it when I downloaded it.
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    Meteor 350 Service Manual PDF Available!

    Trust me, I DID NOT waste time getting myself a copy! The funny thing is is that I was more than willing to pay for it; I was more than willing to buy it, even if it cost $100. Unfortunately, Royal Enfield wouldn't make it available, let alone for sale. I don't know why RE does that. Every other...
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    The RE Classic 500 - a Two-wheeled Time Machine

    Guys, The old RE Classic 500 UCE was discontinued thanks to gov't regulations; it couldn't meet the latest emissions regs.
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