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  1. OldGuy

    Quietest After Market Exhaust?

    I think quiet and performance are mutually exclusive. Anything that flows more freely (hence provides more performance) is going to make more noise, that's just physics. What is objectionably more noise is entirely subjective, i.e. in the ears of the beholder. OG
  2. OldGuy

    Stalling Issues

    Try an Iridium spark plug (see the Himalayan FAQ for the number). A lot of issues like that have been solved just by switching the plug (and the correct gap). OG
  3. OldGuy

    Repeated stalling, now won't start

    Sounds possibly like water in the gas, very possible if the bike was out on rental when it started. Not easy to diagnose, but you can drain a little into a glass jar and see if anything settles to the bottom. That used to be much easier when bikes had shut-off valves. I've fixed it in the past...
  4. OldGuy

    Riding Boots

    The Adventure boot.
  5. OldGuy

    Dogs and puppies...

    Porter came home on Saturday, and he and Smokey are officially buds. I thought it would take longer for Smokey to accept him, but I think there's a familiarity that comes from being related. Pheromones, maybe. Porter will be 9 weeks old on Saturday. OG
  6. OldGuy

    Rear Rack

    So, after exploring the (few) aftermarket rear racks and looking at various options, I want to see if there is any interest in a rack that I'm envisioning. The goal would be to come up with one made here in the US (in deference to Hitchcock's shipping rates), is stout enough to handle a...
  7. OldGuy

    Hey Jerk, I hope you're OK and weathering the flood.

    Yeah, hey! Didn't even put 2 + 2 together... Hope everything is ok. Been following all the reports, so let us know. OG
  8. OldGuy

    Riding Boots

    +1 on the Formas. I love mine, other than the the thickness of the toe box. I had to re-adjust the shift lever by a bunch to fit the boot under it. Other than that, they're really comfortable and dry. OG
  9. OldGuy

    Another flat tire

    Yup, I carry a can in my panniers all the time. I used to own a 2003 Mini Cooper S that came with no spare, so carried 2 cans and a pump at all times. Sold the MC a while back, but it's really cheap insurance. OG
  10. OldGuy

    New Himalayan FAQ Thread

    Can we move this discussion to a new thread? The TPS adjustment discussion is still very much a personal opinion kind of thing. It doesn't appear to be a common problem - ie) more than 50% of the owners are complaining about it on this forum. Until it's really an "FAQ", I think the discussion...
  11. OldGuy

    windshield extender

    +1 on the taller Hitchcock's windshield. It works for me too (5'11"). Definitely worth the money. OG
  12. OldGuy

    Dogs and puppies...

    Smokey, with his stick.....
  13. OldGuy

    Dogs and puppies...

    We have a Chocolate Lab, Smokey Peat (as in whisky). We adore him, but it just seems he needs a playmate. So we're getting another one. We get to go see/meet him next weekend - Woo-hoo! - but he won't come home for a few more weeks. He was whelped 5 weeks ago, so 3 more weeks. We've decided to...
  14. OldGuy

    What have you done to your Himalayan today (or yesterday, or this week ...)

    Uhhhhh, washed and started/warmed it up today. Started raining pretty good (hey, this is Pacific NW), so put it back in the garage. Wednesday is supposed to be pretty nice, so will take it to work. I know, pretty pathetic for an old fart, but I also had a bunch of HoneyDoodoo stuff today. Got...
  15. OldGuy

    New clutch plates, constantly stalling

    Sorry for your problems. If you'd reached out earlier, there are a number of us Himmie owners here in Seattle, with a ton of experience, who would be happy to help. Usually, clutch problems, on either end (too tight, too loose), and especially on a relatively new bike, are entirely due to cable...
  16. OldGuy

    Another flat tire

  17. OldGuy

    replacing Himmy battery

    I think the differences we see are due to world location and personal experience. I've worked on my own bikes my whole life, so have never needed a mechanic. Also here in the States (also depending on location) it can be very difficult to make a decent living fixing motorcycles, no matter how...
  18. OldGuy

    replacing Himmy battery

    Of course they do, but do you trust your mechanic to do it right (or at all)? I've never found a motorcycle mechanic who knows sh*t about modifying stuff. Most have been trained "on the job" or "by the factory", neither of which prepares them for actually knowing how to do any "custom" stuff...
  19. OldGuy

    replacing Himmy battery

    Yes, if you're willing to do some wiring mods. This one on eBay meets (or exceeds) the specs required, but you have to futz with the wiring and connectors. Not hard, just a pain to get to on the Himmie. I've thought about putting together a kit with the...
  20. OldGuy

    What bikes have you had .

    Yeah, when I get out of the chair, I fart!!! But my knees are fine....
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