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    Meteor 350 Service Manual PDF Available!

    Guys, Someone on the Unofficial Royal Enfield Community forum (the one run by Hitchcock's) posted a link to the service manual pdf-yes! The site is in Russian, but the manual is in English. Hope this helps! Go here to download:
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    Anyone Tried Hagon Shocks from Hitchcock's?

    Guys, I was perusing Hitchcock's Motorcycles' site as I'm wont to do, and I saw that they carry aftermarket, Hagon shocks for the Meteor. Has anyone tried them? Has anyone tried the shocks that are either lower or higher than the stock shocks? For example, Hitchcock's carries a set of Hagons...
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    DNA Filter and Airbox Cover

    Guys, I installed the DNA filter and airbox cover, and I LOVE IT! While it won't make the Meteor 350 a superbike, it'll wake it up. The bike accelerates better; it has better throttle response; it pulls better in all gears; and, it makes a louder intake roar. With the stock filter and snorkel...
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    New Royal Enfield & Meteor 350 Owner

    Hey Guys, I'm the proud new owner of my Royal Enfield Meteor 350; I got the Fireball Yellow. I got it September 20th, and I LOVE IT! I've followed RE for years. I was thinking about getting a Classic 500 2-3 years ago; I particularly liked the blacked out one, though I forget what the model...
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