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  1. Matt

    Cylinder head removal problem

    Anyone got any advice on how to get the cylinder head off. I've followed the instructions but the thing just won't budge. Even having issues removing the small cam shaft cover. I turned it clockwise the went to pull it out like I says in the instructions and it snapped. Any help would be...
  2. Matt

    How many times have you come off the bike

    At this stage now iv spent just as much time I'm my side than up right. What's everyone's crash/fall stories. Weekend just gone I came off going around a corner too fast in the sand. Made for a lovely soft landing this time. But my others in the past I haven't been so lucky.
  3. Matt


    Going to place an order for the stage 2 cam from Hitchcocks. It looks very similar to the Tec cam as compaired to the original they did. Hoping to get a little extra out of the little bike for more fun in the dirt. Anyone els tried this one yet or just changed the cam and nothing els and noticed...
  4. Matt

    More off road focused tires

    Just had some new tires put on the bike and now it's like a completely new bike! Before on the stock tires it would squirm and wobble uncontrollably in sand to the point the front end slipped out a few times in sand and dirt causing a few drops and two really sucky crashes. With these I'm...
  5. Matt

    Front sprocket

    Has anyone changed to a 16t front sprocket and what was your experience with it. Need to change my chain as I set it too tight on my travels after removing the wheel to repair it and now the chain has a stretch in it and needs to be replaced. Silly me! So I'm thinking of going to a 16t front...
  6. Matt

    Rolled my bike and she still runs great

    So long story short, on a 5,000km ride I rolled the bike down a track while doing 80kmph, it tumbled down the road about 80m and bent my gear lever, broke my left indicator and spotlight and broke my right mirror, bent the cluster/,speedo and wind sheild and handle bars. Yet after bending the...
  7. Matt

    Tire life span

    Hey folks, currently on a trip through Central Australia ( was a struggle to find a place to get wifi just to post this! ) but what is your expected lifespan of the tires. I have a 2022 modle with 5,000 km so 3,000 mile ish on the clock and the rear tire need to be changed already. Seems...
  8. Matt

    Ecu tuner for 2021

    It looks like Hitchcock finally do a tuner to optimise the performance of the 2021 models. What are people's experiance with these on older models. Are they worth the money and can you tell the difference?
  9. Matt

    Naz bags custome made bags in Australia

    Just got my small Naz bags today and fitted them to the bike. And I'm extremely impressed with them. They are sturdy, very well made and most importantly look awesome! I don't have any luggage racks but they mount perfectly well to the frame with no movement at all. No issues with exhaust or...
  10. Matt

    Fuel economy

    I know its been mentioned in a few other posts. But with the rising fuel prices I though it would be interesting to see what the fuel economy people are getting. Last five fuel ups I've gotten 132.2km 4.09L 32.32kmpl 301.1km 8.74L 34.45kmpl 163.6km 5.71L 28.65kmpl 293.4km 9.13L 32.14kmpl...
  11. Matt

    3000km round trip through central Australia

    G'day guys. I have a 3000km round trip from Mildura Vic to Yaraka Central Qld. Going to go via broken Hill and head straight north via the silver city highway. Holf will be paved roads other half dirt tracks. Has anyone els done a trip similar to this and can you offer any advice? I'd like to...
  12. Matt

    Installed new spotlights

    Installed some new spotlights last night to help with getting around in the dark. I just removed the plastic cover from the tank bars and used the front bolt hole to mount some cheep $39 AU spotlights from my local BCF store. The images don't do ot justice just how much brighter, further and...
  13. Matt

    Weird noise from clutch

    So this is the second time I've heard this and both times while the engine was still warming up. This morning when I was letting out the clutch to set of I heard a loud groaning/ low pitch screech from the clutch and the bike jerked a little more than expected. After that it ran fine! Anyone...
  14. Matt

    Whats peoples recommendations for engine bars

    Been doing a bit of riding in the local desert and with the sand iv nearly come off more times than I can count. So I'm thinking of investing in some engine bars. What do people recommend. I've noticed the style royal enfeild show in their pictures ( 2 points of attachment) are 3 times cheaper...
  15. Matt

    Engin oil

    Hi Folks. Just had my bike serviced for the first time and the garage has put in 10w 40 oil instead of the stated 10w 50. Since I live in the desert in Australia where it's very hot 40C + sometimes as hot as 50C. Is it me or do I need to change the oil for something a little thicker. The...
  16. Matt

    Just a few photos of the new himalayan.

    Just got the new Himalayan and rode it home from the city. Was a big ride so took it slow and steady and had frequent stops to allow the engine to cool down while bedding it in. 9 hours later I'm home and its ready for its first service already. Here's a few photos from the drive home of some...
  17. Matt

    Himalayan wont start when hot

    Hi folks. Just bought a new himalayan yesterday and the bike will not start when hot. If I turn the ignition off I have to wait for the bike to cool down before it starts again. Dealer are closed today but will contact them tomorrow. Anyone els had this issue?
  18. Matt

    Gday folks. Matt from Australia

    Hey folks, just got a new himalayan and planning on going on a few camping trips in the bush and sand hills.
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