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    Oil Leak Classic 350 Reborn.

    I have a slight oil leak from under the oil filter cap.... my mechanic replaced the O-ring with a genuine RE Filter and gasket.... when I had the 500 service he said it was very thin and to keep an eye on it... sure enough started to leak again after a couple of 100 kilometres.... just...
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    Just wondering what type of oil to use in the classic 350 Reborn.... thinking of using this Penrite Oil
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    Fitted the Low Rider Seat today....had only short ride, so far feels ok. Feels more like sitting IN the bike rather than ON...bit more cruiser .....and a little easier to put the leg over ...not a big difference but still quite noticeable ..... still has reasonably good cushioning ......does...
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    Hi just wondering if it's necessary to remove the Pillion seat permanently to fit the low rider seat to the 350 Classic Reborn..... ..
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    Hi just wondering if it's necessary to remove the Pillion seat permanently to fit the Lowrider seat to the 350 Classic Reborn...
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    Hi, got a 350 Reborn Halcyon Black 2 weeks ago....only had to wait 2 weeks for it to be delivered to my door ....$7990...ride away.. free delivery 80klms each way from Bucks Motorcycles Toowoomba.... :D..very happy ,beautiful motor very smooth all the way through,no jerky stuff like i...
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    2022 Classic Reborn Shock Absorbers

    Hi,looking for softer shocks or maybe just the springs for my Reborn, i think the suspension maybe a bit stiffer than on earlier models....not sure how to go about just getting softer springs ..softer ride...getting it right...i weigh 95kg..209lb..o_O
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    2022 CLASSIC 350

    Hi , just wondering if the side stand for the new 350 and the earlier 350 are the same... reason I am asking is that I'm wanting to buy a side stand footplate but can't seem to see any that are specific to the new 350 Reborn.🤔
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    Classic 350 Rear Shock Upgrade?

    Hi.. ,just wanting to soften the ride a bit on my new 350 Reborn, its not that the suspension is a problem on this bike ,it is my bad back i am thinking new softer, shocks or maybe a seat upgrade.....any suggestions as to shocky type or whatever may help greatly appreciated....Cheers
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    2022 350 classic Reborn heel and toe gear shift Wanted

    Hi would anybody know where to get a 2022 classic 350 Reborn heel and toe gear shift .. I have looked on ebay and every other site I can find and can only see levers to suit the earlier classic 350 and 500..i know they will not fit and apparently the Meteor wont fit either......Thanks in...
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    2022 CLASSIC 350 REBORN

    HI, I am wondering if anyone would have a part number for a heel and toe shift lever to suit my new Classic 350 Reborn ...better still know where to get one.. I have looked on eBay ect. but there only seems to be levers to suit earlier 350-500 classics...these will not fit.Cheers
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    New 2022 Classic 350 Halycon Black ...Warwick Queensland Australia,

    Hi, my name is Ken I am 72 years old and have just purchased a new Classic 350 Halcyon Black... should be delivered to my door in about 2 weeks. Have been wanting a Royal Enfield for a long time and was really impressed after riding the new Gen 350... I have been riding bikes for a long time but...
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