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  1. El Guapo

    2019 Himalayan for sale in Houston

    2019 Royal Enfield Himalayan $5000 One owner bike, always stored in garage. Never dropped or crashed. Bike is in excellent condition with only 2558 miles to date. Bike is up to date on all maintenance. Accessories added since purchased new include: Royal Enfield Panniers and racks...
  2. El Guapo

    Houston Owners

    Anyone interested in a Seat Concepts Tall seat? For me it's not comfortable, I'd like to return to the stock seat height. Everyone else seems to love theirs but it wasn't a good fit for me.
  3. El Guapo

    Comfort question

    So I'm 6', about 210lbs and this bike has always been uncomfortable after about an hour, 3 hours and I'm hurting for a few days in the butt and tailbone. I installed the Seat Concepts tall seat hoping it would help but it isn't much better. A while back I considered going back to the stock seat...
  4. El Guapo

    I have a dumb question

    So yesterday I thought I was going to change out my spark plug. When I pulled the cable off of the plug, I had these small parts fall out. I have no idea what order they go back in. Would it be easier at this point to just replace the cable?
  5. El Guapo

    First Oil Change

    Well I finally reached 300 miles so I'll be doing the oil change this weekend and doing some chain maintenance. I went to the dealer last weekend and picked up 3 oil filters, but didn't check inside to notice that they didn't give me the oil filter gasket. Is it required to replace that every...
  6. El Guapo

    Breaking in the Himalayan

    I've had this bike for 2 weeks now and am pretty close to 300 miles, so I'm getting ready for my 1st service. My panniers came in, got those mounted up and after about an 80 mile ride they are both still attached so that's a good sign I guess. I need to upgrade my seat now and find some hand...
  7. El Guapo

    New to the RE Himalayan world

    I've ridden off and on most of my life. I was looking at some classic REs recently and followed that rabbit hole down to the Himalayan and just loved the look. To me it's like if Kalashnikov would have designed a bike, this would be it. Long story short, I walked into the dealership last...
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