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    Hey Marcooch,What model bike you got? I live in Woodville about 40 minutes from PTBO. Picking my new Himalayan on Tuesday from Classy Cycle in Lakefield,
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    Himalayan engine halt and check ligh

    Another thing i've read about is the connector connecting the harness to the ignition switch. if you turn your handle bars left to right with the bike running you may experience the bike shutting off. You can also find this connector and "Giggle" it with bike running and see what happens.
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    Himalayan engine halt and check ligh

    have you replaced your relays under your seat. Here is a you tube link to " on two wheels Ben" He talks about the issue you may have. This guy is good.
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    New Owner from Woodville,Ontario,Canada

    Picking up my Himmy on Tuesday. I've owned several motorcycles from a 100 Kawasaki to a BMW 1200RS. I still own a Husaburg TE 250 and decided i needed a small ADV bike. Allready starting parts to customize it and very excited tro be part of this community.
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