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  1. Morgan60

    What’s the best burger you found in your travels and where did you find it?

    LOL! I’m trying to be respectful here. The Post title is “What‘s the best burger you found in your travels and where did you find it?” This discussion is all about finding the best/exceptional/extraordinary burger and where to find it.
  2. Morgan60

    Show us your Bullet

    Royal Enfield is coming out with a new 2023 Bullet using the 350 J motor. No specs available at this time.
  3. Morgan60

    Just sitting there.

    Unless there are issues on the bike I’d change the oil and filter and keep riding it.
  4. Morgan60

    Hi from Northumberland

    Hello Willy, Welcome to this forum from across the big pond.
  5. Morgan60

    What’s the best burger you found in your travels and where did you find it?

    Grilled over a open mesquite pit and you put on your own fixing from a condiment bar? Sounds really good? Cash only? Only the best places do that.👍I’m going to have to stop in and give them a try next time I’m down. Thanks for your post...
  6. Morgan60

    What’s the best burger you found in your travels and where did you find it?

    Sorry to they the closed. Two of my favorite places to ride to for a bite closed in this last year.
  7. Morgan60

    Hi from France

    Hello Col, Congratulations on the new bike and welcome to this forum.
  8. Morgan60

    Standard 350, Missing Problem. Please Help

    When you pull the spark plug and look at it does it look like it’s burning rich or lean?
  9. Morgan60

    Steering stem bearing inspection

    Other then needing a little tightening I’ve never had RE steering head bearing go bad. I did however had a set go bad on my BMW F650 in less than 1,800 miles.
  10. Morgan60

    Just joined from Arizona

    Hello and welcome to this forum. I have a lot of family in AZ. I used to pop down every Feb. for two weeks with a bunch of friends out of Idaho to explore AZ. Then before riding back to the NW I’d visit my uncle in Masa for three four days and we’d go off and explore somemore in his little PU...
  11. Morgan60

    Just Bought One - need advice

    Hello Island_rider, On any new bike except for fit I make a point live with it for a while keeping it stock for say 700-1,000 miles. This gives me time to think about all the different options and if they will really work for me and how they will look on the bike. Do you ride at night alot...
  12. Morgan60


  13. Morgan60

    Lazy weekend on the Enfield

    Hello Stampy, Looks like a nice ride on a beautiful bike. 👍Your British Flag tank pads looks really good and are very smart to have on a chrome tank. You see people a chrome tank is very slippery with out rubber tank pads and when that idiot that pulls out in front of you at the last second...
  14. Morgan60

    Hepco & Becker single seat rear rack

    Nice looking rack, H-B makes good stuff.
  15. Morgan60

    Spoke tightening questions from new rider.

    How old of a bike is it? I check my spokes at the regular service intervals unless I hit something.
  16. Morgan60

    REs new 350 Hunter review 😃

    That’s what is nice about a new bike. Not much to do but make it fit you and your riding style and property breaking it in, all fun!!👍
  17. Morgan60

    REs new 350 Hunter review 😃

    Plus 1 It look’s very promising.😁 I’m seriously going to take a look at the Metro model when my dealer Get’s one in. It should a great handling city RE.
  18. Morgan60

    That noise

    My headlight did the same buzzing thing. So my headlight was replaced under warranty. Now that it is out of warranty it’s doing the same buzzing thing again. If your bike is out out of warranty like mine, the cheap fix is rap a good quality black electrical tape around your headlight bucket...
  19. Morgan60

    New to RE from Pennsylvania

    Hello and welcome to the forum.
  20. Morgan60

    New in Maryland USA - Interceptor 650

    Hello island_rider, Congratulations on the new bike and welcome to the forum.
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