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  1. bobbyj412

    Show us the Bling

    They look great, Cisco!
  2. bobbyj412


    Happy Holidays and a prosperous New year, to all!
  3. bobbyj412

    Hi from Czechia

    Welcome, Felix! Nice looking bike!
  4. bobbyj412

    Hi from Northumberland

    Greetings, WillyB!
  5. bobbyj412

    Ebay seller?

    I have also ordered from royalspareparts, on Ebay. I had a positive experience with him. I would rate him above royal-rider.
  6. bobbyj412

    Ebay seller?

    I ordered a sump guard from him back in August. I received it in about a week. I had no communication issues with the seller. I notified him that my item was not as pictured, and did not ship in original Royal Enfield packaging. He offered to discount me on my next purchase. In all, I was...
  7. bobbyj412

    Fly Screen Question

    From what I can tell, from pictures that I've seen, It doesn't sit high enough to interfere with your field of vision. It sits on top of the headlamp, and comes up high enough to block your gauges. If that is the case, then it probably doesn't have to meet any sort of DOT guidelines and...
  8. bobbyj412

    Hitchcock Motorcycle

    A bottle of touch-up paint. (y)
  9. bobbyj412

    Footrest Comparison

    The footrests look nice. I've been considering purchasing them. Slightly disappointed that they are not much larger than the standard issue.
  10. bobbyj412

    Learning to Ride at 75

    I felt the same way. I took a skills class, to get my endorsement, and that helped me to learn to trust the bike. Even if you don't want to take a course, find an open area, without traffic, and work on the things that you don't feel comfortable with. I did that with U-turns, inside the lines...
  11. bobbyj412

    Hello from France

    Bon jour, Markl17! congratulations on the purchase, and welcome to the forums!
  12. bobbyj412

    Greetings from Berlin

    Welcome, BlackRebel650. I like the mods!
  13. bobbyj412


    Welcome. WCS. Those are awesome bikes, you've got there!
  14. bobbyj412

    Birthday treat

    Happy birthday and congratulations on the RE! It's a nice looking bike.
  15. bobbyj412

    Learning to Ride at 75

    As I was learning to ride my Meteor, I realized that a majority of the things that I was trying to learn I had done previously over and over on my bicycles. Mountain bike and the road bike. Same concept, just a different saddle.
  16. bobbyj412

    Side boxes (hard case) for meteor

    My fingers, on the mouse, got confused. What I was attempting to say is that the Givi pannier racks, that I have, attached with the 2 bolts on the rear seat rails. easy peasy.
  17. bobbyj412

    Motorcycle Trailer

    You can probably find a small utility trailer, and fit it with a wheel chock. That's what I did. Then, you can haul more than a motorcycle.
  18. bobbyj412

    Two Nations separated by a common language

    Here in the USA, Coke (Coca-Cola) means different things depending on what part of the states you live in. Language is a weird wonderful thing.
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