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    Starting in first gear

    I get crank but no fire with the kickstand down and the clutch pulled in, cranks right up if I put it in neutral. I guess I would check the kickstand sensor.
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    Oil filter cover - O ring or gasket

    I don't remember what my 2019 came with, but used to receive both the o-ring and gasket early on so you could choose but now just receive the gasket. I use the gasket, no issues.
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    Battery Tenders for the Winter Months?

    This will also keep small mammals from making them their homes.
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    Battery Tenders for the Winter Months?

    I ride year round and my bike resides outside. I’ve had good luck with a Genius 1 and paired with a cheap Amazon battery for three years which looks to remain in top shape. The Noco can handle different battery chemistries and compensates for temperature to prevent over/under charging.
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    Will used older style Himalayans flood the market after the much improved Himalayan arrives ?

    Since the Himalayan came out in the US, it has seemed that interest in all things Royal Enfield has only increased and turn around a negative narrative of previous models, the 650 twins furthered that as did the 350 platforms. I suspect this new one will bring additional attention Royal...
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    Fuel Economy Question

    When I stay off the highway and putt around in warm weather, I see a consistent indicated 75 mpg US. On a recent multi-hour trip at 65+ and strong constant head and crosswinds as well as a large drop in temperature, I saw 55 and 57 on consecutive fill ups. If I stay 60 and below and don't...
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    Nathan's view......on the 452....

    Seems Nathan sort of pokes fun at himself and admits that his dislike of the RE 452 marketing and not feeling compelled to impulse buy it sight unseen is really a first world problem. When he gets to actually experience it and evaluate it in person perhaps his initial impressions from afar will...
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    Howdy from DFW

    Welcome, and the weather has been perfect in the area lately as well.
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    auxito h4 led bulb doesn't fit himalayan housing.

    I had the same problem with the same bulb on my 2019. To get it to fit I used some jumper wires from an H4 adapter and splayed out the bulb tangs. Here is an adapter similar to the one I used, plugging the wires directly into the splayed tangs gave just enough space. A note that the tangs are...
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    My Desmosedici RR

    These will end up in motorcycle and design museums, important and just beautiful.
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    Lovely day out, then the chain broke.

    I didn’t take routine care and went for long stints between maintenance on my outdoors kept bike during covid. It began making noise which a thorough lube resolved while new chain and sprockets were delivered and found my link as you described when I changed it. Luckily it had held and I am now...
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    Gore-Tex a ripoff?

    That’s really cool, I didn’t know that. It can’t just be him, but the show’s creative communication always impresses me. About Revzilla, I didn’t know whether to be amused or concerned as Anthony did his intro ever quicker and robotic. I guess when you run the company your ever increasing...
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    Slime/Gloop/OKO etc; puncture sealants for inner tubes.

    I’ve had one flat on the road and one close to home afterwards due to pinching the replacement tube. Sealant from Flat-out is now added to better my chances and I carry tools, patches, and tubes to cover my bases. They don’t market to road going light vehicles but do support tubes, sealant life...
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    Gore-Tex a ripoff?

    The channel is fun and has a geeky bend. They tackle more difficult content now and again and despite limitations of the format seem to do a good job exploring worthy subjects.
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    452 Sherpa engine details link.

    I liked how he politely noted the mechanical noise of the 411 and refinements to improve that.
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    Iphone screens shattering on offroad rides.

    I haven't heard about screens shattering, though I have broken a couple myself over the years. I've been using a quad lock knockoff and its damper which has provided good service for my iPhone 5s 3rd gen with no issue though I think it is the higher spec models of all makers which have the...
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    Himmi 450 Specs finally here

    Specs also published on this site.
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    How do you winterize your Hima?

    I've done a little winterizing this week. The Hippo Hands have been put back on new removable grip heaters were just laced on.
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    Newbie riders

    You are right, a Despite a broken clavicle and ribs and I could only stay off for just over 3 weeks myself.
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    Newbie riders

    I hope you heal swiftly, sounds like things are going in a positive direction. Having recently recovered from an accident, the self directed anger I had was surprisingly strong and took a while to fade. I couldn’t really be mad at a deer so I guess that energy had to go somewhere. Fixing the...
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