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    80/20, 90/10 tire recommendations for Him?

    Interesting info - thanks for sharing. I did end up ordering a Shinko 705 rear - seems to be a good value at $90 USD, half as much as Pirellis, Dunlops and Michelins. It will be here next week. Thanks! No one answered my question - which should be a separate post - can I safely ride my worn...
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    80/20, 90/10 tire recommendations for Him?

    I actually have two questions. 1. My OEM Ceat rear tire is bald down the center after 4800 miles. Plenty of tread on the inner to outer edges. I am concerned about puncture resistance down the center with the tread practically gone. Is this a valid concern? (I will only ride on dry paved...
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    Scram / Himalayan seats

    I highly recommend a Seat Concepts seat.
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    What is "Trip F" for?

    "F" measures miles from entering "reserve" - giving you distance since your fuel level was measured as low. Mine comes on early - with about 1.4 US gals left. That gives me about 100 miles to bone dry. If you know you safely have 50 miles to empty, it serves the same purpose as the automotive...
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    What's the attraction of less powerful motorcycles.

    I think I watched that video awhile ago. I have two 20-ish hp bikes. My attraction is the simplicity, ease of use, and to an extent, the overachieving nature of these bikes compared to their stat sheet and competitors. When I ride them, I relax and take in motorcycling in its purest form...
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    compression psi

    I had that experience with my 82 GS650. It would crank and crank and crank ... but would not fire ... until the second you released the starter button. Sometimes it would start on that cycle. Only enough voltage for the starter, not enough to fire the plugs to start up. Replaced the battery...
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    valve adjustments.

    Interesting. This might explain why my Classic 350 calls for valve checks every 6k miles instead of 3k.
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    Just Bought One - need advice

    How did your trip home from dealer go?
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    Intriguing thought - new bike

    I think I have narrowed it down to the Strom as well, same reasons you are saying. If I get one, it will be the 650. They have been the same for years - which is a good thing - simple and reliable. I read some reports of 60 US mpg ... is that what you get? The 650 only needs 87 octane (US...
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    Pinging on 87 octane

    Final update: After checking several items, Royal Enfield decided to replace the engine under warranty. I picked up the bike last week. On a side note, I believe the replacement engine is a 2022. It is noticeably quieter in its operation than the 2021 engine. I am not sure what RE did to...
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    Intriguing thought - new bike

    Kinda what I am thinking. It would be fun to build it too!
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    Intriguing thought - new bike

    Agree. However, too much tech, too much power. I would consider one if they bring the 975 into the Pan America. That would be a tough competitor to the Africa Twin. I read on the internets today that RE has a Himalayan 650 "in the works" with a late 2024 reveal. If that is true (rumor mill...
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    Lower gearing — what’s your experience?

    What rpms is it turning at 60-65 mph?
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    New Yorkers - I see you out there

    I'm here, but not near you ... Rochester area.
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    350 Classic size comparison to 650 Interceptor

    Is this true? I have not heard this yet.
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    High Speed Miss on Classic 350

    The 91 octane in the service manual refers to 91 RON, I believe. US uses AKI (anti-knock indicator). 91 RON = 87 AKI.
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    Intriguing thought - new bike

    I am thinking of eventually replacing my 2016 Wing with a smaller, lighter bike. I am looking at middleweight adventure bikes mostly. I ride mostly asphalt, with some gravel and hard packed dirt side roads. No mud, no sand, no single track. I am not looking to replicate the Wing, just need...
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    Lower gearing — what’s your experience?

    Anybody try higher gearing, to drop a few hundred rpm at highway speeds?
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    Actual GPS measured top speed

    I used a GPS speedometer app on my phone to measure the accuracy of my Classic 350's speedo. It consistently reads +3 mph at any speed ... 60 = 57 mph. My Gold Wing is pretty spot on, maybe +1 mph. Never checked the Himalayan.
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    Recommended aftermarket hand grips?

    Thanks, I ordered the Grip Puppies!
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