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    New rider with Classic 350 questions

    Speedo issues seem to occur more often than you think. I ended up with a speedo reading 30mph whilst stationary on a bike 10 months old and less than 1800 miles! I even got photographic evidence of the display. The dealer got a replacement for me under warranty. In the meantime the bike...
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    Classic 350 Reborn - Derbyshire, UK

    Welcome from the Thames Valley. I have the same Halcyon Green bike.
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    Meteor 350 - how much avail watts for heated gear ?

    I've run with heated gloves on my classic 350 which I assume has the same generator without issue. What the spare capacity of the generator is after bike load is accounted for I do not know. Heated jacket AND gloves may be pushing it.
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    Collection and First Ride

    It's amazing how different riding a RE is compared to a medium/large cruiser like a Harley! It has to be one of their best selling points. I have size 11 feet and with my heavyweight boots on, I find I point my boots outwards slightly and gearchange with the side of my boot hooking the...
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