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  1. thecivvie

    Can i patch my own stator together?

    Not Himalayan, but I had a stator rewinded. Worked better than the original windings.
  2. thecivvie

    RTW Trip on a Himalayan

    Seeing your Croc photo, reminds me of when I was returning to Ireland from Mongolia. I was entering Georgia 2 days after a flash flood had allowed bears and tigers to escape from the Tbilisi zoo
  3. thecivvie

    Connemara to Bulgaria

    The plan is to take a week from the ferry port in France to Bulgaria. Things depend on the ferry we book, but we will only do 50 miles the first day in France. Then we have set a 9am start to a 6pm finish and these are set in stone. We want to be finished early and not travelling at night time...
  4. thecivvie

    Lettershanbally wood

    It is, I am set up on it but only for assistance due to my dogs. They would eat any visitors 😂😂
  5. thecivvie

    Connemara to Bulgaria

    We are planning a week to get across so taking it super easy. Same on the way back.
  6. thecivvie

    Lettershanbally wood

    Sadly yes it is a lovely trail lost. Lot of quad bikes going around ripping up the tracks. There are very few places to do green lanes here
  7. thecivvie

    Airbag Vest

    As far as I am aware, most motogp and worldsbk airbags are software and work exceptionally well
  8. thecivvie

    Airbag Vest

    I also like that the Klim one fits under your gear allowing the jacket to do it's job as well.
  9. thecivvie

    Airbag Vest

    I set off my life jacket twice by forgetting the tether
  10. thecivvie

    YouTube : Cregg raw

  11. thecivvie

    Airbag Vest

    Never seen anyone complain of issues with the Klim vest. Lots of praise for it. Plus I would more than likely forget to clip or unclip and so setting it off
  12. thecivvie

    Hitchcocks luggage panel

    I was wondering of that would have been possible. Have a mate who has a metal sheet bending press.
  13. thecivvie

    Hitchcocks luggage panel

    I used to live in an old house that was miles from anything
  14. thecivvie

    Power socket, port or pick-up on Himalayan

    I have a relay and 6 way fuse panel that I think will fit into the document cubby behind the battery.
  15. thecivvie

    Fender Extender ,Wiltshire Man

    I was thinking of 3d printing something like that. And one to go on the base of the mudguard. I have no design as yet
  16. thecivvie

    New pannier racks--Need some volunteer test mules

    Just sending you a PM to get on the list
  17. thecivvie

    Bicycling Underwear for motorcycling.

    I use Under Armor jogging pants under my gear. Very cosy and keeps the wind out
  18. thecivvie

    Airbag Vest

    I looked at the Helite one but don't like being tethered. Going for the Klim one, with the module. MotoUK On YT uses one and recently had an off where it helped.
  19. thecivvie

    Lettershanbally wood

    Sadly they are putting a locked gate in so we will have lost it. I tend to only do the easy stuff. My 2 mates go mad off road.
  20. thecivvie

    Wild Atlantic Way

    My friends regularly go to Donegal to do off roading. The heavier duty stuff. Me, I avoided it for many years but now seem to have the bug
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