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  1. Yorkshire Steve

    Model section

    Exactly the SM650 is a totally different bike to the interceptor and Conti apart from engine. It handles different etc etc and certainly ain’t no meteor 350 so it deserves its own section
  2. Yorkshire Steve

    Hi From UK

    Heyup and welcome from Yorkshire
  3. Yorkshire Steve

    Returning biker from England

    Heyup and welcome from Yorkshire. I’ve owned my classic 500 for 8 years now and it’s a keeper.
  4. Yorkshire Steve

    New to the forum

    Heyup and welcome from Yorkshire. Watch them Welsh speed limits
  5. Yorkshire Steve

    Model section

    Heyup I’ve noticed we now have a section for Himalayan 450. How come we never got one for super meteor 650 and had to get lumped in with meteor 350. This seems a biased on everything Himalayan 🤔
  6. Yorkshire Steve

    Wild Atlantic Way

    Heyup from Yorkshire. I live on edge of the glorious Yorkshire Dales,biking heaven.
  7. Yorkshire Steve

    Meteor 650 first look

    Heyup from Yorkshire. I’ve had my SM650 since March love it. I think you’ll love yours too.
  8. Yorkshire Steve

    Hello from Dorset uk

    Heyup and welcome from Yorkshire
  9. Yorkshire Steve


    Heyup and welcome from Yorkshire UK and fellow SM650. You’ll love it.
  10. Yorkshire Steve

    Super Meteor rear suspension

    Heyup from Yorkshire. I bought a new SM650 in March after not having a test ride. I thought what have I done. The rear suspension is a nightmare. I loved everything else about the bike but the suspension was so hard. Anyway I persevered and now 2k miles down the road the suspension has softened...
  11. Yorkshire Steve

    Classic 500 Update on 19 sprocket and vibration plate

    Heyup. So I’ve finally managed to get out to see how the fitting of a 19 tooth sprocket and the Hitchcocks vibration plate has worked out. I feel with the sprocket mod it’s made the bike much more comfortable at 60/65 mph. The vibration plate mod has reduced vibration at the lower rev range...
  12. Yorkshire Steve

    New bits for super meteor 650

    Heyup. Just added a couple more bits to my SM650. the Givi rear rack from Hitchcocks A Givi V47 carbon effect top box off EBay for only £100, these are £235 new and this one is mint,bargain. I got a great padded box liner off EBay for only £18 This fits perfectly and stops the gear banging...
  13. Yorkshire Steve

    Classic 500 19 tooth sprocket and anti vibration plate

    Heyup. I’ve just done a bit of work on my 2015 army green classic 500. Fitted a 19 tooth front sprocket to give the bike a bit higher gearing and fitted the Hitchcocks anti vibration plate for obvious reasons. So bikes all back together with fresh oil and filter and waiting for a good day to try...
  14. Yorkshire Steve

    Hi from North Norfolk

    Heyup up and welcome from a fellow SM rider in North Yorkshire. Have fun
  15. Yorkshire Steve

    Hello from Selby

    Heyup and welcome from Harrogate North Yorkshire
  16. Yorkshire Steve

    Little add ons for my super meteor

    Heyup. Thanks Alan. Yes all good,really like the levers, the stock ones were good but these have the edge. Just about to fit a Givi rack and top box for touring,will post pics.
  17. Yorkshire Steve

    New member

    Heyup and welcome from North Yorkshire UK. Ride safe
  18. Yorkshire Steve

    new member on this site.

    Heyup and welcome from North Yorkshire
  19. Yorkshire Steve

    Little add ons for my super meteor

    Ok so here’s a few bits I’ve put on my SM. Adjustable clutch and brake levers from Hitchcocks Frame plugs Hitchcocks led indicators from tec And a beautiful little oil temp gauge from Hitchcocks
  20. Yorkshire Steve

    Hello from a not very sunny North Wales

    Heyup and welcome from North Yorkshire,I’m sure you’ll love that 650,a great bike.
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