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    NGK Iridium plug?

    mine starts and idles nicely from the cold. but will stall coming to junctions a fair bit, and not start easy, I think I'm used to a carb bike, as I open the throttle when starting, and it realy doesn't like that! but with all my carbies, I need to do that a bit.
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    Trip F is driving me crazy!

    I've refuelled my 21 3 times since owning it, and have done around 300 miles. I am playing F roulette atm. the F light is on 50 miles. I will see how far I can get before it runs out. I have a Jerry can with 6l I am taking with me when it does lol!
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    Tipper integration with Google Maps

    I am annoyed that the sound still comes from your phone, so you can't hear it when in your pocket. I also can't connect the phone to both headset and the tripper, so I can have the audio in my headset. I pay for the TomTom app as I love it and have been using it for years, primarily for free or...
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    Auxiliary Relay

    Im doing this now. Just waiting on a replacment fuse box, as the one recived is faulty, and supplies power at all times, even when no fuses installed. Ive used duel bullet crimps like for indicators. Full Install Video should be on my Youtube channel sunday!
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    Hello all.

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    Hi from UK

    Hello! #Newbie here too, there in UK are You? I am down in Hampshire.
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    Owner and Service Manual Links

    IS there a Euro 5 Himi wiring diagram? the QR code in the book, doesn't seem to work for me!
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    Hello all.

    Hi eveyone. I've just picked up my 1st himi. I've been wanting a bike for light off-road and green laneing for a while now. I took a test ride last year on one, but couldn't get the finance I wanted for the price. But managed to find a good price one this week, and great spec as well. I have...
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