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  1. Alan F.

    Morning from a New Interceptor Owner

    Out of curiosity I just looked up the size/area of Wales, it was compared to the US State of New Jersey for reference purposes.
  2. Alan F.

    New owner in Alicante province, Spain.

    Looks more like a scrape than a hit to me but no matter. Welcome from Boston.
  3. Alan F.

    Chinese invasion !

    CF Moto though.... Tempting. They're not just some off brand, they've been building engines and bikes for the big 4 for years.
  4. Alan F.

    A small ADV bike that won't break the bank or your back if you have to pick it up !

    Have you seen the 2025 CRF230 yet?
  5. Alan F.

    Harbor Freight case onto Scram rear

    You can also get steel washers with a rubber layer on them, look for "rubberized washers".
  6. Alan F.

    New Owner in Richmond VA

    Welcome from Boston
  7. Alan F.

    Harbor Freight case onto Scram rear

    Post a Pic of your bike's rack, I'm sure more than Himmy owners can chime in.
  8. Alan F.

    front brake

    Definitely bleed through half a dozen reservior refills of new DOT4 brake fluid front and rear. Also another tip would be to clean your brake rotors with brake cleaner and steel wool.
  9. Alan F.

    Tubes vs Tubeless?

    Agreed, I for one am enjoying my stock Pirellis. I have zero fear of punctures because I carry tools, tubes and a 12v pump, and I know how to use them. Cheers.
  10. Alan F.

    New Interceptor owner from Oxfordshire, UK

    Welcome from Boston
  11. Alan F.

    Modified stock exhaust

  12. Alan F.

    Modified stock exhaust

    Those welds in the head pipe beneath the engine are supposed to hold cats too.
  13. Alan F.

    Any bad luck ordering parts or accessories from India?

    OK, from a seller I've bought from many times I've found a Himalayan front wheel, Genuine RE, and the seller says that it's a genuine RE part, bought directly from RE, and shipped in the RE box he receives it in. He says it's what every 411 Himalayan leaves the factory with. The price is good...
  14. Alan F.

    Rolling with the Himmies

    Excellent BlackdogADV, I'm willing to bet you have a good deal more off pavement riding experience than I do. Here in the Northeast they've paved almost everything and what's left are usually seasonal, unmaintained roads or they simply appear that way and are forgotten. But I'll keep looking.
  15. Alan F.

    I just bought the $23 magnetic tank bag off Amazon

    Inside a tank bag is a much softer ride, plus if concerned you can add padding. However on warm days it gets very hot inside a tank bag which is no good for any phone. If you're not opposed to handlebar mounts, quad-lock and the knockoffs of their design are really very good.
  16. Alan F.

    Check your spokes

    I don't know that they aim for a torque number but in my reading I have heard 4 ft/lbs several times. 40-45 in/lbs Advrider 45 in/lbs = 3.75 ft/lbs
  17. Alan F.

    Rolling with the Himmies

    I finally found a few minutes to wrestle the bottom mounts from these shocks this afternoon, the shocks were new import JUNK, no dampening at all. These mounts are 3-ish inches high and should do the trick. They have 8mm threads that I can drill and tap to 10mm if needed.
  18. Alan F.

    metzler front tire for neighbors bike

    Interceptor 650, Continental GT 650 and I think 535 use the same front wheel and tire. 2.5"x18" front, 3.5"x18" rear btw.
  19. Alan F.

    Best sump guard?

    I've got a RE kit to go on this spring, thanks for the tips Severely. There are a few others out there that cover the frame rails a little better, and I've seen some that also protect the pipes. If the RE kit isn't enough for some reason I'll make up my own to work with the RE plate's frame mounts.
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