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    Big Bore J series motors

    Not our job to educate you, you should do that yourself before you post.:D But 20 thou difference in squish can be the difference between sweet and a hand grenade, or a turd, never mind 40(1mm)DAHIK. And most probably won't pick that up on a Vid. No real answer here, and on most forums, we are...
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    Big Bore J series motors

    Stupid fact,BMW K series four valve OHC cylinder heads bolt straight on to a Mini/Minor block. And then run reliability. Minor engine parts fit Triumph twins too. First 850 Minor Motors made around 35 HP , last 1275 ones would hold up and win races with around 100 HP more. Not bad for the...
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    Development of Himalayan 452

    Just another factory hand out telling us how clever they have been, whats new? Maybe if they ever get some stock out to dealers we could read some actual unbiased ride reviews!
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    Exhaust Stud Replacement??

    BMWs have a screw on finned collar, service instructions were to remove and anti sieze each service. Might not be a bad idea with the Hima nuts too. Torque is very low on the RE nuts, if you use anti sieze you probably need a lock nut too
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    Selling like hotcakess?

    Unless torque in ft lbs , HP and revs are on the same chart in the same units charts are pretty useless . But these dont make much sense up top as the hp simply reflects torque and revs , but similar declines in torque give completely different results on the hp chart!
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    front brake Will perk things up a bit , if OEM is 15mm. Quality is fine, I have had a 11mm S1 for three years/40,000 km but small sizes in Radial now NLA.
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    Torque wrench settings, Min & Max

    Yes, but it stayed on topic ! Feeling was that if you seek advice on selection of a torque wrench then advice on how to use it might not come amiss too. And the HCSM is / was a accessible, accurate and relevant source for motorcycles.
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    Just got the sprocket shock of my life...

    Some bikes have the sprocket loose on the shaft and fixed with a circlip and washer, so not everyone seems to be on the same page here! My Hima nut was finger tight but tab washer nicely turned up. No damage to shaft or sprocket when I went 14/40 at 12000 km.
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    Chinese invasion !

    The first Honda Cub motor was reputedly based on Triumph's Tiger Cub motor. But of course they looked at the weaknesses and corrected them, and made them a bit more foolproof, as Wintrup has already said. And something the Brits were usually slow to do!
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    Ignition key

    If your only problem is wiggling the key the back of the switch unscrews and you can clean/grease the contacts. In a plastic bag, they are spring loaded DAHIK
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    What to do with old sprockets and chains? Quite a few old chains and sprockets in this one!
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    Torque wrench settings, Min & Max

    There is a earlier,pre 2000, version of the Honda common service manual which is as good a primer on motorcycle workshop practice as I have found. Might have been too good, it seems to have been pulled and later manuals which are not quite as extensive or informative seem to be the only ones...
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    Not Oiling the Chain

    Yep, you are not oiling the steel wear parts, you are cleaning and lubing the 0 / X rings to keep the factory lube in. WD 40 is primarily a cleaner, there is also a WD brand chain lube which is probably going to do that job better.
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    Ignition key

    Mine did, but it was the wrong cap for my carbed bike. They are cheap enough, compared to one for a car!
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    Torque wrench settings, Min & Max General information - Fasteners has a bit handy information on torque.
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    Ignition key

    No,and yes!
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    Chinese invasion !

    You have to ride some of these horrid things to compare. Most REs are real nice to ride, careful design making what seems like a very basic spec perform way above its pay grade. And they are riders bikes with power where you use it 95% of the time , not where you use it 5% of the time. Well, up...
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    Torque wrench settings, Min & Max

    On my old $2- boot sale bent bar/ pointer gauge the handle floats and is fixed by a pin in the centre so you always pull from the same spot. On spring / click type it doesn't seem to matter much where you pull from. Actual applied torque depends on condition of threads, convention is UON...
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    Any bad luck ordering parts or accessories from India?

    My take is just buy a decent product in the first place and avoid the hassle. Or buy cheap and write the odd item off. But I am probably in the minority , read somewhere easy refunds are costing Amazon serious cash, with over 40% of items being returned. And of course the costs involved have...
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    Tubes vs Tubeless?

    Street bikes tend to pick up nails, etc, which can usually be fixed with a plug or a pressure pack sealant on tubed types. Off road you might be more likely to suffer impact damage to the carcass which a tubeless plug is not going to fix, but may be fixable / bodgeable on a tube type tire...
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