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    Clutch cable snapped at 23,000kms

    Which part of the cable broke? Was it at the clutch hand lever end?
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    Torque wrench settings, Min & Max

    It's actually regarded as standard practice in aviation maintenance to use the centre of the handle or grooves on the handle as centre point for the hand. I lecture in aviation maintenance and also do a lot of practical work with students. If I ever see a student holding the wrench incorrectly...
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    Torque wrench settings, Min & Max

    You can extend the length from the ratchet end to increase the torque. Sure, you'll loose a little accuracy but, it's a cheaper/easier option than buying or borrowing an extra wrench. See the diagram for the type of extension and the mathematics. Set the wrench to 50NM and increase length by...
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    what is this pipe for?

    I'm looking at that tube and those rusty exhaust studs and nuts and thinking, what else is rusting away on this bike? If I was the owner of this, I'd spend 20 bucks on a spray can of good quality rust inhibitor (personally my new fav is one called 'steel seal') and hit all those rusty bits. $20...
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    Rear brake binding while riding

    This^ If the pedal is over adjusted and there's no or not enough freeplay, the compensation port in the master cylinder can be covered by the piston when the lever is at rest. The compensation port allows fluid to expand in the system (as the temp rises) and port back freely into the master...
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    Hi From Darwin Australia, Himalayan owner.

    Welcome from Yeppoon CQ.. I'm guessing your wet weather gear is getting a work out lately Royz?... I agree, the Himmy is a great bike. Something I found is, that it's worthwhile check tightening all the nuts and bolts and screws you can find. I had a few around the engine that were quite loose...
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    high idle

    Could be a leak at the inlet duct or throttle body inlet side. Check the tightness of the screws. There're lots of good suggestions on this thread... try them all and you should nail the problem.
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    Himalayan headlight rim securing screws

    I bought these. They fit and work fine.
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    Hi from Wollombi Australia.

    Hey mate. Greetings from Yeppoon CQ. Coming up to the best time to do Tassie imho.. Can't help you with any accomodation tips unfortunately, though I do recommend the Wikicamps app. It's got loads of reviews which help to sort things out and is updated regularly. All the best... enjoy!
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    Great double-feature movies?

    The Bad Seed Wolf Creek
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    Amp metre

    From my experience that's exactly the way the ammeter works. The ammeter appears to be working as intended. With just the ignition turned on (engine not running), there's very little power being drawn from the battery (a few dash lights only) so the meter reads around 'zero' mark. It's only...
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    Amp metre

    I guess the obvious question is, why did you rebuild the amp meter showing discharge when the lights turned on? The needle should be centered on the dial face ( at the '0' mark). Another important question is, are you talking with the engine running or not running?
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    Lovely day out, then the chain broke.

    I've been told to take the master link off and grease it because they don't get greased on installation by RE. Did you find out the reason why the link failed in the first place? I'll be putting a new master link in my little spares pack, thanks for sharing.
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    Torque Vs. Horsepower

    There's a saying I heard many years ago which I like - 'Torque wins races, horsepower sells'.
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    Re-calibrating fuel gauge?

    You could try adding a resistor to the circuit. Don't ask me which one though... I'm sure someone can help out with that.
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    Not Oiling the Chain

    No, not a good thing. If (or more likely when) the chain starts to rust, it'd deteriorate very quickly. Plus, there're many ways to quickly, easily and relatively cheaply to lube the chain that will extend its life twofold or more.
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    Not Oiling the Chain

    This is great. I simply couldn't be bothered brushing and cleaning the chain. I just use an oiler system. The chain is always wet with oil and yes, there's tons of fling off but I honestly don't care about that. I'd rather have a it running mechanically A1 than polished. I might try a dash of...
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    Any issues in a salt air environment?

    I live on the coast and yeah, metals begin to corrode quite quickly if left unprotected. I just spray the susceptible parts of my bikes (and anything else I don't want rusted) with Lanolin spray. I'm not fussy about keeping a shiny bike so I never wash either of my RE's either.. I'd much rather...
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    12k miles service

    I ordered one yesterday.. Not cheap but looks pretty good. I'll report back when I give it a try.
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    12k miles service

    I'm going to try one of these. They look superior to the Motion Pro's (which I have already). The problem with the Motion Pro's is, they are messy, with spray oozing out all over the place and, and sometimes they hardly work at all. This new cable luber looks like they've done their homework...
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