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    Classic 350 add ons. Tell us what you have done.

    Just fitted a "solo" rear rack, bought on eBay for about £50, only took about a week to arrive in Sheffield from Delhi, free postage too (from Royal spares) The rack seems very well made, but was not symmetrical, the right hand fixing being about 20mm further out than the left, I didn't think...
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    Fitting a tachometer to a 350 Classic - some questions

    Hitchcocks tacho kit looks nice and easy to fit, they're probably right about it not fitting the Meteor, The Tripper for the Meteor is different from the Classic 350 model, it has a bracket with a 2 screw fixing, whereas the Classic uses a bracket with a single central hole with a bolt situated...
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    Motone/ Hitchcocks pannier rails

    Hi all. anybody had any experience of the pannier rails for soft luggage for the Classic 350 please, I have the RE right hand side one fitted, for some reason they only make the one for the right side. RE state that it's for the Meteor and the 350, and it comes with new bolts and a top spacer...
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    Another thing to look out for, is that there are different tripper models, the 350 version only has one fixing screw in the centre, the one for the meteor has 2 threaded holes one at each side, I believe that the connection is the same though. My 2022 350 certainly has the plug on the wiring...
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    I just want to post a nice Interceptor 650 photo.

    Fantastic pictures everyone, would be great to collate them and make a calendar for 2024
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    Classic 350 speedo problem

    Mine went dodgy after about 1200 miles, my dealer in Sheffield (Manhattan) fitted me a new one very quickly under warranty. Many people are saying that the problem stems fro excessive grease on the connecting plug lead, similar to the relay problem on the Himmy which can be cured by cleaning...
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    More help needed. At about 300km Engine light

    Regarding the "engine light" mine came on and stayed on at about 250 miles, they switched it off at the first service and it's been OK since, The dealer said that it's to do with the very tight parameters of the Euro 5 mapping, and that they were awaiting the availability of a new map ( which...
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    "Switch Module" LH "Meteor 350/ Classic 350" Problems

    Hi there, I mentioned to the dealer at its first service, add they seemed to fix it, however a couple of months later, and it's happened again. Gave it a good squirt of silicone spray, (the stuff plumbers use for plastic pipe installation) and its OK again, Think the solution would be to open...
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    2022 350 classic Reborn heel and toe gear shift Wanted

    Hi Ken, Not seen a stand plate for the classic, I knew they did one for the Himalayan, I use a plastic one placed under the foot, but don't venture far off the tarmac, Well, I fitted the heal and toe shifter earlier, I did a screenshot of a bike from the RE website, and put it in the same...
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    2022 350 classic Reborn heel and toe gear shift Wanted

    The new shifter arrived from India today, Took 2 days for the 7,000Km from New Delhi to the UK, then a further 4 days for the 70Km from Derby to Sheffield! Anyway will fit it later on, It didn't come with a securing bolt, but I'm presuming/hoping that it's the same size as the original one
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    2022 350 classic Reborn heel and toe gear shift Wanted

    Hi Ken, glad you're enjoying the bike, (who wouldn't!) I find the shocks fine, but only ride on smooth tarmac. I went to see the dealers today, and they said lots of Meteors have had a problem with the engine management light, There's a re-map available for them, which they do, but apparently...
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    2022 350 classic Reborn heel and toe gear shift Wanted

    Hi Ken, don't know if you're still thinking of changing the shifter, I've just bought one on eBay from India ( my left knee and leg kills me and hoping less ankle movement will help) It certainly looks and is described as the genuine part, here's the link if you're interested...
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    "Switch Module" LH "Meteor 350/ Classic 350" Problems

    Mentioned it to the dealer, he suggested a squirt of silicone spray, which I did, been smooth as silk ever since! hope that's the solution
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    "Switch Module" LH "Meteor 350/ Classic 350" Problems

    Sound advice, thank you, having fiddled with it for ages last night, LH always works, but after cancelling, 50% of the time, it's impossible to right indicate, however if the lever is slid over to the left, then immediately to the right without cancelling it goes over OK. Think I'll mention it...
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    "Switch Module" LH "Meteor 350/ Classic 350" Problems

    Hi everyone, wondering if anyone has experienced the indicator switch on the Meteor or Reborn Classic 350 seizing up? After about 100 miles (from new) sometimes it's impossible to switch the indicators on, and on a couple of instances I've had to revert to Hand Signals! One minute the switch is...
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    2022 350 classic Reborn heel and toe gear shift Wanted

    Glad you got it sorted, the gearbox is very smooth, butI keep going to change into 5th, only to find I'm already in 5th! Still limiting my top speed to 45mph for the initial running in period. I'm very rusty though, having not been on a motorcycle for 20 years!. Enjoy the new ride
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    2022 350 classic Reborn heel and toe gear shift Wanted

    Hi Ken, you’ll love the new bike, and adjusting the lever makes a heck of a difference, It’s a bit of a fiddle, as the foot peg prevents it coming off, so you need to loosen the large bolt on the front of the frame, and remove the smaller one just behind the foot peg. Then pressing down gently...
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    Greetings from South Yorkshire

    Hello everyone, Just joined the Forum. The name's Pete, and I live in Sheffield South Yorkshire In the UK. Just got myself a Reborn Classic 350, after not having been on a bike ( with an engine) for 20 years, Last bike was a Triumph Thunderbird 900 triple, and the one before that a Bullet 500, I...
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    2022 350 classic Reborn heel and toe gear shift Wanted

    Sorry Ken, just realised you're not in the UK, Hitchcocks is a UK firm, however, they do sell worldwide
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    2022 350 classic Reborn heel and toe gear shift Wanted

    Hi Ken, Like you, I've been looking for a heel and toe shifter, and have emailed several eBay sellers in India with no success . However I contacted Hitchcocks and they said they've had several enquiries , and will be ordering some, but it would probably be later in the summer before they...
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