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    RE spring kit for 350 classic

    Yeah sorry about that lol
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    RE spring kit for 350 classic

    Just did these on my bike check out tiger ness on you tube for a workaround to removing rear fender to install which is insane.FYI the lower brackets that receive the bottom of the spring are directional meaning that they should be installed in such a manner that the threaded part that accepts...
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    Maintenance Questions Regarding a Used INT650

    Been polishing bikes and cars for 55 years the best I’ve ever used is CJ’s Master Formula metal gloss www.masterformula.com no affiliation nothing I’ve tried comes close
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    Luggage rack for my 2022 classic 350

    Can confirm it’s fits great.little clearance for the fender but it’s just enough.highly reccommended
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    Himalayan in Virginia overlook near rocky knob

    Was anybody from here at the blue ridge pkway overlook around 4:30?
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    Himalayan in Virginia today

    Saw a Himalayan at the rocky knob overlook on the blue ridge pkwy where I was flying my drone.Was it any body on this forum?
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    Maintenance Questions Regarding a Used INT650

    genuine Bosch relays are cheap enough on Amazon replaced on both our interceptors and will do my classic at the 300 mile service
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    Luggage rack for my 2022 classic 350

    These are Brit made and more money than e bay ones look Great as long as it fits lol it’s for solo seat setup I have the touring seat from Hitchcocks as well should have got them at the same time due to shipping
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    Battery Tenders for the Winter Months?

    I wouldnt worry about starting up a bike in cold weather with the proper oil as long as your going to get it to full temp and keep it there for a good while.Been doing it for about 50 years and several bikes.Having said that if I can I’ll let my electric heater warm my motors prior.
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    Luggage rack for my 2022 classic 350

    Just got the rack today 3 days early from Hitchcocks.Havent fitted it yet but packing excellent as usual.Powdercoating and welds are flawless.
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    Valve adjustment

    Is easier
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    Valve adjustment

    My 76 bonneville did easier
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    Valve adjustment

    Calling bullshit on a proper adjustment w/o cover removed
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    You might want to have your motorcycle valve clearance done sooner rather than later, like I did, at 12000 kilometers:

    Valve clearances usually decrease from the valve pounding on the seat I think
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    Motone/ Hitchcocks pannier rails

    I can’t speak to those but I have the long ride click on racks on my interceptor I just purchased the racks and hardware that goes on the bags I made my own bags you can see on the interceptor section I think their system and hardware are excellent the racks that stay on the bike are nicely...
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    What have you done to your Classic today

    How would you rate the quality of the chrome and how much was it?thanks
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    What have you done to your Classic today

    Adjusted my shifter
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    New 350 halcyon grey classic to add to the stable and shifter adjustment

    I can confirm the method the guy put up on you tube where he removes the closest bolt that threads into the frame will allow enough movement when standing on the peg to withdraw and replace shifter .i did it on the centerstand with my girlfriends help.when putting the bolt back in the hole was a...
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    Valve issues?

    When setting valve clearances LOOSER IS BETTER every time.if your looking for .003 inch if it goes in with very little resistance BUT the .004 will not ITS GOOD to go always rotate your motor and recheck.
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