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  1. JamBar

    Moab, Utah from Eastern Arizona in May

    So in March I will be semi-retiring from 23+ yrs in the semi-conductor industry to the White Mountains of Arizona. In May with no set dates yet will going to Moab on the Himalayan. The wife will probably drive a chase truck with a trailer of Kayaks to play in the Colorado River with. Have found...
  2. JamBar

    Great video on motorcycle history

    Might not be Enfield related or British cycling but what a great piece of history. Enjoy
  3. JamBar


    Yeah they are thriving now with several packs roaming. I found this track about 8 miles as a crow flies from my place, back in September. Yeah the owls are something else here, doesn't matter city or nature they take full advantage.
  4. JamBar


    Welcome back the Sonoran desert is surely special be ready to wear tires out faster. I've been here 23yrs but getting ready to move to the AZ White Mtns in March. Will miss the Saguaro's the most.
  5. JamBar

    Any writers/authors out there?

    You're a helluva writer, that is one skill I never have been able to master. That was the worst part of college for me. I've always been a live in the moment type, I get crap all the time about not taking enough photos as well. So be it, keep up the riding/writing You've got the knack for it
  6. JamBar

    Hagon Shock Opinions

    Check out Race Tech suspension they are very helpful in setting up the suspension for different situations. https://www.racetech.com/
  7. JamBar

    Let's see those bells!

    Since I do a lot of back country exploring I mounted mine a little higher to avoid of being ripped off.
  8. JamBar

    Another ride thru the Apache-Sitgreaves National

    Rode thru the Northern half of the White Mountains of AZ today. Have spent the last 5 days archery deer and turkey hunting with a buddy. He decided to leave yesterday so today made a great day to ride out on the bike. Here is a stop at Brown Creek about a mile west of the spring. Great spot for...
  9. JamBar

    One ride link

    So it appears for the US there is only 2 scheduled rides 1 in Illinois and 1 in Portland, Oregon. If you go to the main RE website and under the One Ride select your current listed country you can see if any are in your area.
  10. JamBar

    One ride link

    Ran across this article and wanted to let everyone know about it. https://www.rideapart.com/news/682828/royal-enfield-one-ride-2023/
  11. JamBar

    Is there a fuse for the fuel pump?

    Glad to hear you're back up and running.
  12. JamBar

    Is there a fuse for the fuel pump?

    Here is the fuse layout
  13. JamBar

    Is there a fuse for the fuel pump?

    Here is the wiring diagram for it looks like before the relay there is a fuse. Doesn't state what number it is but a start, will continue to look thru the manual.
  14. JamBar

    Show us your USB charging port, not model dependant.

    Volt meter with USB & usb-C mounted to left tank bar on the Himalayan. Being able plug in and charge items in the side tank bag and out of the weather.
  15. JamBar

    Fuelx fitting

    Mine fit just fine, is yours a OEM Fuel X kit with proper paperwork? Where did you buy it from, I've heard some of the eBay suppliers are knock-offs. Here is a photo of mine in place.
  16. JamBar

    Hi from the Far North of NZ .

    Congrats on the choice. I'm starting to see the Green camp growing. I've had mine a yr now and 4.1k mi later and pretty decked out, great bike for exploring the alpine mountains and desert of AZ. Here is my latest picture.
  17. JamBar

    Exhaust heat + panniers / bags. Design flaw? Solutions?

    Simplest solution is a shorter aftermarket exhaust, I ran across a shield on one website but don't remember off the top of my head. Mine didn't melt on me but I could start to smell it heating up and felt it. Which is why I changed mine out, still gets warmer than the other side I just don't...
  18. JamBar

    Hello from the two square states

    Awesome picture, cam from Hitchcock's Motorcycle, DNA air filter kit, exhaust, and Fuel X lite can't go wrong and will give you what you are looking for. I ride the high country of AZ at same elevations and works great.
  19. JamBar

    HyperPro Suspension components

    What I found out was if in the US then your better off going with RaceTech Suspension. The price of the HyperPro plus shipping is around $200 where as RaceTech is $185. So when it's time I have already selected a build setup. If looking into changing out suspension go check out the website...
  20. JamBar

    Front brake master cylinder issues

    Some ABS systems don't like fluid pushed back thru them in a since its like it hydrolocks, it's best to attach a hose to the bleeder and put into a bottle with enough brake fluid that it stays under and open the bleeder while you push the piston back in. One option is take to the dealer while...
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