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  1. Hctr154

    2021 Himalayan for sale

    It's a 30 L Oxford. It locks with a key.
  2. Hctr154

    2021 Himalayan for sale

    Forgot to mention, I have a clear Texas blue title. Have more photos if need/wanted. I have had the Himmy for a year and put 2300+ miles on it. Mostly dirt and gravel roads in the area. Just need something with more "highway" capability. Brake recall and ECU flash completed at Iron Supply in...
  3. Hctr154

    2021 Himalayan for sale

    Hello, I have a '21 Himalayan for sale. It has 4348 miles. Mods: Clip on wind deflector Acerbis handguards 30 mm risers (Hitchcocks) LED headlight (Auxito) Tank guard bags Shinko 804/805 tires Custom seat Custom pegs Oxford top case Pannier racks (Hitchcocks) Battery pigtail Fuel x Lite...
  4. Hctr154

    Will used older style Himalayans flood the market after the much improved Himalayan arrives ?

    Funny thing happened a few weeks ago. I went for a dirt road/paved highway ride with two buddies. One on a Aprilia 660 Toureg (sp?); the other on a 1250 GS. Needless to say on the pavement I couldn't stay up. After that ride I decided to look at some upgraded (faster) bikes. The 452 Himmy...
  5. Hctr154

    Shifting RPM

    I normally don't pay much attention to the tach when riding; just shift be feel. When it feels like the torque has maxed out, I shift to the higher gear.
  6. Hctr154

    Muddy Puddles.....or more

    Pretty much! 😂🤣
  7. Hctr154

    Harley street 750/500 calipers thread

    Anyone what size speed bleeder to use for the XG caliper?
  8. Hctr154

    Himalayan Front Brake Caliper Replacement with a Harley Davidson Street 750

    I have researched this caliper swap and recently located a caliper on Ebay. It should be here next week. Here's my question. What size speed bleeder works with the XG caliper? Traditional HD bikes use ⅝ inch but that doesn't apply to the XG since it was made overseas. Any thoughts?
  9. Hctr154

    Stage 2 Air Box Cover

    Looks good! You taking orders? Couldn't agree more about the DNA and Hitchcock's air box deletes. Pricey for what they are.
  10. Hctr154

    What have you done to your Himalayan today (or yesterday, or this week ...)

    Good point. But who wants to ride on that tiny, hard pillion seat?
  11. Hctr154

    What have you done to your Himalayan today (or yesterday, or this week ...)

    I had my neighbor weld on bigger footpegs from Works Connection. Wow, nice having these for stand-up riding.
  12. Hctr154

    What do you carry?

    Glock 43 and one spare magazine.
  13. Hctr154

    Fuel X Lite (lights)

    Thanks! My module was bought second hand and there were no instructions.
  14. Hctr154

    Fuel X Lite (lights)

    Installed a Fuel X Lite this morning on my '21 Himmy. For some reason, disconnecting the Lambda sensor was a real pain. Just couldn't get it to "click" just right and pull at the same time! 😬 After starting the bike, I recorded the Fuel X module flashing red and green lights. Is that normal?
  15. Hctr154

    New pannier racks--Need some volunteer test mules

    Looking good! 😀
  16. Hctr154

    Folding Shift Lever

    I got a shift lever from them a couple of days ago. They offer a +10mm in length which will definitely help the shifting when wearing big ADV type boots.
  17. Hctr154

    what does it mean?

    By far, the most annoying feature of the Himalayan...that flashing F is like nails on a chalkboard! 😵‍💫
  18. Hctr154

    New pannier racks--Need some volunteer test mules

    Those look great. I've been searching for some pannier racks besides the RE ones.
  19. Hctr154

    21 Himalayan fuel gauge issues

    Yea it seems more 10 or 15 minutes to me. But eventually it does reset; ateast mine does.
  20. Hctr154

    Clock keeps resetting itself

    The clock issue is due to a dying battery. Time to replace and keep on a smart type charger if possible.
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