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  1. J

    Himalayan 452 ease of maintenance?

    I'll stay with the 411 at least for 1-2 more years. I have a three year warranty and by then it may not be worth much for trade in so may keep for many years. I agree with Doboy about buying a bike the first year or two in production.
  2. J

    16T Front Sprocket

    I'll be watching your thread because I've wanted to do the same thing but haven't been able to find a reasonably priced 16t sprocket in the USA. I've changed many motorcycle front sprockets up one tooth and have never had to add two links to the chain.
  3. J

    Himalayan 452 ease of maintenance?

    Will the new Himalayan 452 be as easy to self maintain as the Himalayan 411? The price of routine maintenance has risen dramatically here in North Florida. My local RE dealership did my first maintenance but I've done the next two services because it costs more than $550 for oil filter, valve...
  4. J

    Hello, from Tallahassee, Florida

    Purchased a 2022 RE Himalayan. This is my 57th motorcycle over the past 55 years. I currently have a Honda Africa Twin, Honda Rebel 1100 and a HD Freewheeler. I've always wanted to try a Royal Enfield so here I go!
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