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Anyone know what is actually included with the adventure pack on a new Himalayan? I've just ordered a new bike and only really want the panniers anyway, but my dealer said if the handguards and engine bars were part of the pack he would order them as well. We couldn't get a definitive answer from Moto GB yesterday


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Based on the pictures from the Wigan Motorcycles (my local dealer) the Adventure comes with hand guards, engine protectors and panniers.


Now based on the bare model being £4699 and the Adventure being £5299 you are paying £600 for the panniers and racks, extension cables for indicators, engine guards, and handlebar guards - and someone to fit them. Doesn't seem a bad deal - that's the upgrades that mine has, with the addition of a Phillips headlight bulb.
Personally I would go for the Adventure (+bulb) and hold off anything else until you have a few hundred miles on the clock, stuff like better spark plugs or tank bags just might not be necessary.
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