Another Uncle Voodoo video , How far will your GT go on a full tank?


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I'm retired but don't seem to have that kind of time on my hands😅.

Remember 0.32gallons larger tank on the Interceptor. Fuel economy is so dependent on terrain, speed, riding aggressiveness, wind and temperature. I am sure most of this ride was at optimal speeds of near 50-55mph given the road however perhaps mostly uphill as well?? If it was really a 200mi climb the mpg would be really impressive.

I track every tank fill and differentiate between summer and winter as well as between high speed vs normal.


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I check my mileage every tank and have seen everywhere from 80 MPG to 43 MPG (US gallons). As Dabrakeman notes, mileage is very much dependant on wind, speed and terrain. Also on fuel quality; E10 regular is not the same as E0 premium.

I live in dry, open country with not a lot of fuel stations, and even stations that don't carry more than one grade of fuel.

Used to push my GT to 140 miles between fill ups if need be, until one night in the middle of nowhere I ran out. Seems I'd been speeding a bit, into a headwind and found myself empty at 136 miles!

THAT wasn't funny. I now fill up at a max of 120 miles and carry a bottle of fuel.

Often the tank is nowhere near empty, but my fuel gauge is so wonky it reads empty by 100 miles. Very frustrating.
I get between 55 and 63 mpg on my GT. It seems to be very dependent on air temperature. The colder it gets the worse the mileage is. It seems like the bike should be able to go at least 180 miles on one fill-up if you figure 3 gallons of useable fuel and 60 mpg. Twice now my bike has died at exactly 160 miles. Then I pull over and it will restart and drive another 5 miles or so. Very odd.
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