Best sump guard?


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I'm bolting mine on as we speak. You have to remove the exhaust system entirely and remove the bottom front frame rails to install. Make sure to chase the plate bolt male threads and female threads. The loctite on the bolts was so thick you couldn't install bolts in the mounting plate female threads. Make sure to U out the front bracket so you can install/remove the filter without loosening the motor mount bolts. I'm kinda glad I took the frame bolts out, it showed paint rubbed off where the frame pieces meet. I think that infers movement and I want to make sure ALL bolts are torqued to spec before reassembly. Hope I wasn't too long winded.

Alan F.

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I've got a RE kit to go on this spring, thanks for the tips Severely. There are a few others out there that cover the frame rails a little better, and I've seen some that also protect the pipes.
If the RE kit isn't enough for some reason I'll make up my own to work with the RE plate's frame mounts.
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