Bullet charging system

Gidday, my 96 500 Bullet does not charge correctly, have checked output from 4 wire alternator, Amber and yellow wires 16 volts at 2000 revs. Violet wires 7 volts at 2000 revs, disconnect the rectifier and get minimal increase reading on the ammeter. After a long ride,180 km. If I have the lights on the bike dies, turn off the lights and she keeps running, this tells me the battery is not getting a full charge and we are running on alternator charge . Any ne know why we have two charging circuits? Can I swap them over?
Any ideas gratefully received.

Eatmore Mudd

Staff member
My recollection is a little fuzzy on the changes over the years and when the were implemented.
One circuit is for the headlight and the other provides power to fire the ignition system and charge the battery.
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