Bullet Classic - 500cc Pegasus Edition


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Good morn,
I've just bought a Royal Enfield Bullet Classic - should I post in the 'Bullet' section or the 'Classics' section. Here is a photo (it is a fine looking bike, so I like posting photos of it):



Getting there...
Nice bike! But you also have my all-time favorite car, the 244 Volvo. If I could have any car, it'd be the 245 wagon. Should never have sold mine.
Excellent - I didn't expect that on a Royal Enfield bike forum! The car is my 1980 244 GL - called the 'Royal Barge'. It has just become tax and MoT (like the state brake and light test but much stricter) exempt here in the UK. I really like the car (and the Royal Enfield), here is another photo (with its winter wheels and tyres on this time):


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Here is my Classic Pegasus number 660. I removed the rear seat and installed RE rear rack, I was going for more of a dispatch military bike look and also I put the stock Pegasus bags away so I can use the for special only days of showing the bike and run with regular RE bags for every day use. It’s a really fun bike as I has around 3,000 miles on it now.3006
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