Bullet Shifting Lever Popped Out

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Hey there! Apologies up front if this has been asked before, been searching for an answer on forums and youtube to no avail.

So I just bought Bullet 500 Classic from a friend and rode it home no problem, happiest day of my life. Once home we wanted to try kickstarting it. So we pushed on the kickstarter 3-4 times, then once hard, and the gear shifter popped out. Now the shifter peg is dangling loose and the bike is stuck in 1st gear. The shifter also slides in and out. Attached pictures which should help visualize it. Tried everything and I can't figure out how to pop the shifter back up.

Please tell me I am just being an idiot and there is a simple fix to pop it back up and re-engage. Or do I need to start opening it up and ordering parts?

Thank you in advance!



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hi. i'm from the himalayan side but I used to have a ducati that had a shifter issue similar to yours. I had to find an exploded diagram of the internal linkage to see what happened. it turned out to be a woodruff (sp?) key had fallen out. I had to slpit the cases to fix it. see if you can find a similar diagram, Hitchcocks has them in the replacement parts section, and see if you can figure it out. good luck
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