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I have to admit buying a "boutique" motorcycle always fills me with a sort of sensual dread. Lack of qualified dealerships, lack of readily available parts, and on & on. You folks all know the drill, hence this wonderful forum.

I don't own a Royal Enfield; I own two Honda sports bikes. I've wanted to get a RE but one thing or another has delayed that acquisition.

This past Monday I called my dealer here in Las Vegas (one of the elements that has in the past contributed to me putting off getting a RE). I was responding to them advertising a 2022 RE Classic 350 for $3999.00. I asked the salesman if he could give me the out the door price and what did his dealership charge for the first service.

On Wednesday I got an email showing the advertisement for this bike; nice bright shiny red & chrome two wheeler listed at $3999.00 period, nothing else.

This afternoon the salesman called. After we exchanged hellos, he said he should go see if the 2022 RE Classic 350 was still available, I thought it odd he would call me and then put me on hold to see if the bike was still for sale. I waited 22 minutes for him to come back on the line (my I Phone told me it was 22 minutes). When he got back I mentioned that I was waiting 22 minutes and he said he was sorry but since it was Friday afternoon, they had become real busy. I suggested we speak another time when he wasn't so stressed (he had called me). He then said the bike was still available but there was just one little thing, the engine light has been on since they got the bike in and they have been trying to sort it out, did I have any questions.

I couldn't help but a friendly chuckle and told him we should probably talk another time when it wasn't so busy, he agreed and hung up.


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Doesn't sound like he wants to sell you a bike very badly. Not much confidence in his shop either. There are several chats on here talking about how to deal with the check engine light issue. Id try to find another dealer even if you have to drive.
My dealer hear in Iowa is a 2.5 hr drive.
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