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Buying Stuff From Amazon India


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Hope this is in the correct place.... I just figured out how to get stuff from Amazon India...I know I am a bit slow....And if you already know this then sorry.......

I used Shoppre.com (a shipping company that gives you a virtual address and locker number for getting Indian stuff to International addresses)

1. Sign up at shoppre.com They assign you an Indian virtual address at their physical location
2. Buy stuff in India
3. Use your Shoppre address and locker number
4. They let you know when it gets there ( you can follow the Amazon delivery like here)
5. They tell you the shipping and handling charges (they repackage better)
6. You pay them
7, They ship DHL
8. I got the item in about 2 weeks

I ordered a small item...the master cylinder cover for my himmy to see how it works. Part was 3 dollars I think...But the shipping was 20 bucks....I imagine that a couple of items would be about the same.....

Here are pics of the process. Worked like a charm



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I’ve tried doing that with no luck. Amazon of India will not ship to the US. At least a year ago.

Roy Gavin

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A lot of the stuff on Amazon is also on Ebay, and it can be a little easier to use.
Sometimes a google search bring up suppliers who are on neither, last two I contacted were happy to ship to Oz and took Paypal.
520 RK chain and sprockets and RCB radial master cylinder -----!
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