CB750's who had one, check in here.


Getting there...
Northern NSW
I had a CB 500 Four, also a junked K1 750 Four. Loved those bikes and thrashed them to death. Funny thing, before getting the Interceptor I was hunting for a 750. Then my brain kicked in and the reality of getting parts in Australia was obvious. Buy new and thankfully RE is well looked after on Ebay...


Finally made it
Bought a used 1971 CB 750 in 1972, to replace my first bike, which was a total POS 1961 HD Sportster CH. The Honda had 3K miles on it, I paid $1400 for it...worth every penny. What a difference! Good brakes, started right up, good lights, performance was light years better than the stoopid HD.

The Honda engine ran so smooth that while sitting at a stop light idling, I sometimes had to glance at the tach to be sure it was running. There was a story at the time that if you put the bike on its center stand, with the engine idling, you could balance a nickel on its edge, on the L side engine casing....and the nickel wouldn't budge. Guess what?....It was true. I won a few bets showing that little trick to skeptics.

My CB was dark metallic brown just like this one.


Gone in 60

Well travelled
Technically a '93 Nighthawk, but the model was CB750. Was taking a walk in Laguna Beach, saw it for sale near the beach. Looked like a bike that had been well cared for at one point, but due to storage near the salt air, was starting to suffer. Had to save it. Figured it would make a good beater bike. But, painted one rusty bracket. That made the rest of the bike look shabby.

A few months later, I had restored what was essentially the '93 Civic of motorcycles into something worthy of a museum collection.

Nighthawk 2.jpg


Well travelled
British Columbia
It was my first "big bike". Bought a brand new CB750k in 1977.

It took a while but finally found a picture. Taken on a ride in northern Alberta back in the day.


If my memory serves me, I'm pretty sure there was a first generation Gold Wing on the ride that day.

I had the 750 for I think three years, great bike, rode it across Canada the year I bought it. I had it up to 110 mph a few times but it would go into a high-speed wobble at about that speed...kinda freaky.

Not my bike but this was the model and color scheme.


On a related topic, not a 750 but...In 2001 I rebuilt the topend of a 1982 900f Supersport, worked up a paint job, new pipes and cans, and put it on the road. The 900 was kinda like the big brother of the 750. I had it for two or three years then sold it.

This is what it looked like after the rebuild.


The guy I sold it to contacted me a few years later. He had sold it to someone else who turned it into this.


This is a bike that had at least three lives.
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