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From web site search, I found extra jerrican that can be fitted on each side of the main tank of Himalayan. Several capacities are available (3, 5 aand 10 liters). Before to buy and install such equipment I would like to know what impact to expect in term of Safety in case of crash anf fire risk, and for the driving by adding extra weight and changing then the gravity center?
Any advise or feedback would be much appreciated.
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Still I would only put them on when going to areas with very few fuel stations. When you crash your bike, guess what it will slide on. I don't want to carry 5L of fuel in my bikes crash pads on a daily basis.

Your country might have laws regarding the use of (external) fuel cans.


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I am trying to decide on my extra fuel options for my Alaska run. Not because I thin k that I will run out anywhere, but because I know the fuel on the Dalton Highway is expensive Regular was over $5.00 a gallon in 2013 . . . probably need a home loan today for a tank!). I have already ruled out the traditional front rack mounts, because I want that space for carrying other things in the bags I mounted there and because if I have roto packs on, that is it - no other options until I get back home and take them off.

There are also other options for carrying fuel - First you need to decide how much do you need to carry . . . then how and where. Small amounts can be carried in Fuel bottles which can be mounted virtually anywhere on the bike safely stowed away in carriers (which can hold other things when you don't need fuel).

There are also bladders that can be strapped to the bike - Giant Loop and Desert Fox seem to be the most popular/reputable. They are available in various sizes and again go on and/or carry fuel only when you are at that last gast station before treading out into the great unknown.

If you have hard bags, something like this may also be an option:

At least these are the options I have found so far . . . Still looking and open to new ideas!


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I agree with JulianK. Unless you are riding somewhere with a shortage of fuel stations there is no point to these things other than it gives a certain look to the bike.

The tank is good for about 150-200 miles so why take the risk of carrying fuel externally on the bike when you don't have to.

Also, on a long trip you need to carry more luggage and the front frame is a good mounting point for extra bags, you can't do that if you have fuel cans mounted there.


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Not many bikes have easy fitting points for fuel canisters.
My Ducati scrambler and Triumph tiger riding buddies are pretty jealous of the fact that the Rotopax cans (3.8 litre each) tuck in so well on the Himalayan.4207
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