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Wish there was a trick to reduce the annoying fuel warning flashing. Think I did a hundred miles from that point before I refilled! Guess in India, fuel stations are more infrequent? I'd be happy if the warning came when you had about 30 miles left.


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So...I think I have most of it but for purposes of clarity can anyone confirm?

Turn key to ON and pressing info button select trip B
Turn key to off
Press info button and HOLD for 10 seconds
While continuing to Hold the info button turn key back to ON
Continue to hold the info button until the service reminder (flashing wrench) disappears

Is this correct? I could not quite understand the last part.

Update: Found this:

If you want a clearer, easier to understand video about how to turn off the service reminder, go to YouTube, find Economical Rides' channel, and look for his video on the topic. Trust me, it's a lot easier to understand than this Indian video! Actually, I found the link to ER's video on clearing the service reminder; go here:
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